Saturday, August 2, 2008

Why start this blog?

 Because I'm disappointed 
both in our establishment and in the public's docile acquiescence 
to the steady flow of officialdom's 
misinformation, destructive actions and unnecessary failures.

I'm heartbroken by 
our governmental and corporate leaders 
steadfast refusal to honestly examine
 the undeniable challenges our society is facing.
Simply because fulfilling greed comes first.

The media is especially maddening 
because they seem dedicated to broadcasting 
delusion and misleading sensationalism 
intent on distraction 
rather than supporting 
a substantive learning process.


I'm also a believer in our Founding Father's brand of Free Speech.
A Free Speech that wasn't about talking, so much as dialoging.

This form of speech requires an attuned receiver.
The listeners suspend judgment
long enough
to absorb what is actually being said 
before returning to evaluation mode and judgment calls.

The benefit is that it allows us to better understand
why we should disagree -
or... it might open up 
unexpected knowledge and potentials.

In dialogue once a speaker finishes, he, she reverts back to listening
and thinking.
It's an expression of
respect and acknowledging our mutual humanity...
a good thing to do.


I know I don't have any answers
but I also know I have something worthwhile
to inject into the greater dialogue

please read on.......


Anonymous said...

You have summed up my feelings exactly! Well stated.

Unknown said...

coming to grips with what society has done to our Earth's biosphere

You might try getting off the paved roads, once in a while. Wander a mile or two into the forest & ponder living there, with no electronics, no metal axe or knife, no StarBucks coffee ;-) Stay overnight, forage for food & water. When you have completed this enlightening exercise, you can enlighten those of us who appreciate modern society how delightful it was to bond with Nature.

citizenschallenge said...

EZ - What is the point you are trying to make? That society has made life easy for us? That progress is a nice thing?

I couldn't argue with that.

But you shouldn't ignore that we do live on a finite planet and that this "nature" ~ that is our biosphere ~ is our life support system. And considering that it is the only life support system we have, we should treat it with a bit more respect - than your silly glib comment implies.

So EZ what is wrong with honestly evaluating how we are impacting our life-support system?

Lloyd E. Hargrove said...

I appreciate your concerns as well as all the good posts and links.
I found this blog through your comment made towards my CFI forum response. I had a long absence on that site, I wonder if my older stuff is still around?
I also keep a blog here at but be forewarned I post some pretty frivolous things, mostly whatever it pleases me to do so. I'm more of the Alfred E. Neuman school of philosophy these days... "What, me worry?".
Yeah, I have been guilty of posting "deeper" stuff, but I'm going on 71 now and being serious is no longer so much a priority.
Keep up the good work, but also have fun with it.

Lloyd (AKA gray1)