Friday, September 27, 2013

IPCC Report Highlights - The Scientific Basis for Global Warming

The first of the long awaited IPCC's Fifth Assessment Reports (AR5) has been released today.  It's from the IPCC Working Group 1 (WG1) and focuses on the scientific basis of climate change and contains 14 chapters plus a lot of supplementary material.

In this post I will reprint highlights from the IPCC Working Group 1 report 
"Climate Change 2013: The Physical Science Basis"

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Understanding "Ancient Landscapes" of the Colorado Plateau

Though my web presence is mainly about trying to help circulate facts about what we the people are doing to our life sustaining Global Heat Distribution Engine (aka Climate).  I do have many other interests, including a life long passion for learning about our planet's incredible four and a half billion year journey of creation.  

Recently I spent a few days at the Grand Canyon attending a geology course given by Wayne Ranney and it was such a wonderful experience I wrote a story for the September issue of the Four Corners Free Press out of Cortez, Colorado.  Since they allow me to retain the rights, I want share it here.  I also want to thank Gail Binkly, editor at the FCFP for helping me 'clean up' my writing. 

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A recipe for creating the Grand Canyon

At 58 I can honestly say that geology has fascinated me for nearly half a century. Those first National Geographic maps and Popular Science stories about Earth's tectonic plates and the Ring of Fire grabbed my young imagination. Within a few years I learned that the Plate Tectonic Revolution could explain the full spectrum of geological phenomena we witness on Earth, from earthquakes to mountain building to precious metals and oil formation and much more.