Monday, July 24, 2017

Open letter Sen. Gardner - work with Democrats on health care

We are told Democracy demands an informed and engaged citizenry, sadly we Americans haven't been doing so good in that department lately, as witnessed by the clowns Democratic and liberal complacency put in charge of our government.

Since each of us can only do so much, I think it's good to share our efforts and perhaps encourage others to finally motivate and get engaged in helping divert the neoGOP and our Russian Obligate president's destructive Health Care agenda.  That's why I want to share the following email that I sent to our Republican Senator Gardner since the threat remains alive. 

Honorable Senator Gardner,

What is going on with the GOP?

American health care has become nothing but the GOPs obsessive, transparent, even hateful Anti-Obama political football.  When will Sessions and the GOP get over it and stop acting like juvenile delinquents bent on revenge?  

America needs serious people who understand and care about America's health needs, experts to work on fixing what's wrong with ObamaCare in an intelligent constructive grownup bi-partisan American's First effort. 

Enough of this destructive Trump/Sessions fiasco.  Just say NO, work with the Democrats on fixing ObamaCare and be done with it.