Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Why Vote Third Party? continued

This evening something came up that fit right in with my current theme of Why Not Vote Third Party that I want to share, rough though it may be.  

I'm participating in an interesting conversation over at HotWhopperChat where a gent is complaining about being frustrated enough to vote for Trump, he can't see what harm it could do.  Check out the thread at:

“US election soap opera intermission and Trump conspiracies"

citizenschallenge | 9:37PM

M said:
"... there is no assurance whatsoever that Hillary will be superior to Donald in any substantive way"

. . .
"...Based on her record and campaign, she is more likely to lead us into more wars than Trump. I think it's very possible Hillary gets us into WWIII." 

A)  Can you please think about what you are saying.  
Go and listen to Trump talk about issues, or should I say listen to Trump stray from talking about the issues.  When has he ever displayed an appreciation for the complexities of dealing in today's world?  He's all superlatives, it's either glowing praise or withering derision.  Worse his talks always turns back to how great he believes he is.
I've learned from life that the truly great people don't need to broadcast their greatness - greatness emanates from behaving with dignity and intelligence.  M.  have you looked into Trump's business dealings?  
   Yeah, I don't like her, nor do I particularly trust her, mind you I've held a grudge against her since what I saw as her abysmal "shepherding" (or not) of the Clinton Health Plan through Congress and a dead end.  

Still, after listening to her in three debates I may not like her any better, but I do respect her a bit more.  Still, I'll agree SNL nailed it ... 
(Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton Third Debate Cold Open - SNL)

Now back to pragmatic reality.  From what little I've heard of the current crop of third party candidates all are decidedly deluded in their own right, take your favorite and do some YouTube searches.
Also you forget the bottom line.  Like it or not this election is all about REPUBLICANS vs. DEMOCRATS taking power - One party or the other will hold the reigns of power, or they will need to share depending on how Congressional elections turn out.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Why Vote Third Party? (10/25/16)

Life and work has again conspired to keep me away from being able to write, when I wanted it most.  But it hasn't slowed down my thoughts or concerns, or the rapidly approaching election.  This is long, rambling and rough, (I hope to improve on it later) but might be worth the read if you're also struggling with digesting what's happening in American politics these days.  Maybe someone can see something in it that they can do something with, you're welcome to it.   CC
{edited 10/21/16 evening}
{Sorry, I shouldn’t have posted that.  It’s stream of thought rough draft stuff, nothing that deserved getting posted, I was rushed but should have held back.  Today I finally had a little time to do some editing.  This no longer has much to do with third party, it does examine why rational people should still make the effort to get out and vote Democratic, even if the Democrats upset one, even if you don't like Clinton.  There is bigger stuff at play here.}

The debates were interesting, if depressing.  Trump showed us who he is and many Americans still like it. The culmination of the Koch’s fabricated Tea Party’s anti-government movement (even if a case of monster biting creator.).  

Simplistic, self-certain, cocky reassurances, only I can fix it, disregard for real world facts, ready to grasp at every conspiracy fantasy, easy to blame others, vindictive, putting faith in ego and bravado above cold hard facts. 

He's absolutely certain and makes himself the hero of scared angry simple people who don't want to see through his facade any more than they want to learn about the real physical world that surrounds and sustains us.

What's really astounding and demoralizing is seeing all the Republicans and even preachers of God (people who constantly flaunt their high and mighty judgmentalism and moral standards and supposed superior grasp of human affairs and world politics and god's will) who still support this amoral, financial and intellectual fraud named Trump.  What would God think?  What should rational citizens think?

Slander, anger, hostility as debate tactic - what happened to striving for a sense of balance and even a bit of self-deprecation, awareness of our own failings, an appreciation that each of us has blindspots?  What about the desire to learn and achieve constructive outcomes?

Our forefathers knew they needed each other’s varied and conflicting perspectives and backgrounds to iron out a successful governmental experiment.  Respect for your foe.  Acknowledge that you learn from each other, behave constructively rather than destructively.  

That makes sense to me, but looking around I see a public dialogue where truth has become an irrelevance.  Facts get molded to fit the message and people seem to go along with it.  That's the part I don't get, why so many who know better go along with this self destructive approach to dealing with really serious issues.   

Then there's whole avoidance thing. Rather than focus on understanding and confronting today's challenges - Republicans offer distracting preoccupations with societally irrelevant and often tribal based religious distractions.

Why does all that matter?  

Sunday, October 9, 2016

NARAL Takes Cowards Approach Toward Amendment 69

Excuse the aggressive title, but I wanted to get your attention.  This is an open letter I posted at in response to what I believe is NARAL's (ProChoice Colorado) ill-considered rejection of Amendment 69.  They fear that Amendment 69's passage and ColoradoCare would result in the banning of funding for abortions and limited woman's access to reproductive health services.  This fear is disputed by ColoradoCare legal experts as explained below.

I'm also writing to share an under appreciated aspect of the ProLife/ProChoice argument.  

Following that is ColoradoCare’s response to ProChoice fears and quotes from an article by John Frank of the Denver Post.  I hope some find it useful.  Feel free to copy and pass along, improve.

{Also see: Passing Amendment 69 - Why the Fear? Embrace the Challenge! }

The “Right To Life" movement doesn't represent all of our society.  It doesn't even represent the majority.  It does represent a self-certain faith-based hostility towards a woman's reproductive rights.  It has been successful in forcing their will onto our laws.  

The lawyers of ColoradoCare have explained their legal argument that passing Amendment 69 will supersede the 1984 Article V, section 50 provision that stipulates the ban on public funds.

If it goes to court?  So be it.  The lawyers can get at it and address the legal arguments and this time resoundingly reject the validity of the 1984 ban, thus resolving the issue.

Consider for a moment, a fetus in a woman is a potential human.  It is a life form that has many challenges and hurdles to overcome before it can take on the mantle of human being.  {Do you know that nature, or God, allows a big percentage of conceptions to result in spontaneous abortions as it is.  So, who’s to say? }

What we should say, acknowledge and demand is the recognition that the mother is supremely her own life and body!  She is the host to that potential human being.  She possesses an awareness and love for that little life developing inside of her beyond what any outsider can appreciate.

There are times when a pregnancy will do fundamental harm to a woman’s life and wellbeing.  She, NOT outsiders with an ideological ax to grind, along with her loved ones and caregivers are best suited to evaluate the situation and support the woman in making the appropriate choices no matter how heartbreaking.  It is not society’s concern beyond allowing the woman to do the best she can, given her circumstances.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Colorado health care reform. INDEX for the Amendment 69 Info Kiosk.

An unexpected Colorado issue has had be starting up a brand new blogspot.  This one is an ad hoc affair specifically for the upcoming election and Colorado's universal health care Amendment 69 which would establish "ColoradoCare".  

ColoradoCare/Amendment 69 Information Kiosk

This blog is dedicated to collecting and sharing information 
explaining why voting YES on ColoradoCare’s 
Amendment 69 makes sense. 

It’s one man’s independent and unaffiliated effort, 
so it is far from complete, but its a good start.

Response to Pinnacol's CEO Kalin's Amendment 69 bashing letter.

Phil Kalin Pinnacol Assurance president and CEO has been going around Colorado writing self-serving letters and articles denouncing Amendment 69 the ColoradoCare health care reform amendment on this November's ballot.  I'm responding to the letter he had published in the September 8th issue of the Durango Telegraph and titled "Amendment 69 and workers comp." I have made the effort to incline footnotes with links to further information for your convenience. (September 11, 2016)

Why start this blog? + Intro to Dr. Horiagon's response to Kalin

My little excursion into ColoradoCare's Amendment 69 has snowballed on me.  All I was doing was researching my response to the Pinnacol CEO's flippant letter to the Durango Telegraph because I have personal reasons to be irritated with Pinnacol Assurance's dishonest practices, but I had no idea.  The cascade of information so impressed me that I’ve decided to start this blog in order to share some of this information. 

It's turned into an adventure of dark discovery that just keeps on going. …