Friday, October 31, 2014

Imani's Nine Spine-Chilling Reasons to Vote in These Midterms

I came across the following article outlining Imani Gandy's main reasons for encouraging those who still haven't voted, to do so by November 4th's voting deadline.  She makes a lot of sense so I thought I'd share part of it here and perhaps you could share the link with a friend(s) who haven't voted yet.

Following that I've linked to a review of Katha Pollitt's provocative book "Pro - Reclaiming Abortion Rights" challenging the soft underbelly of the "Pro Choice Movement" 

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Nine Spine-Chilling Reasons to Vote in These Midterms

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Abortion, Right and Wrong By Rachel Richardson Smith

Regarding Colorado's Proposition 67:
"If approved by voters, the measure would include unborn human beings under the definition of "person" and "child" in the Colorado criminal code.[1]"  

For all the propositions see:

They are once again trying to mandate that a freshly fertilized egg has the same legal rights as a full fledged human.  The abortion issue is not a cartoon that can be summed up in superficial soundbites.  Why do right wingers constantly try to ignore the complexities in life?

In any event, Rachel Richardson Smith, wrote an essay that stands to this day as one of the most intelligent, thoughtful articles written on the issue of Abortion. 

Originally published in Newsweek, March 25, 1985.

Here is the full text:

Abortion, Right and Wrong
By Rachel Richardson Smith

I cannot bring myself to say I am in favor of abortion. I don’t want anyone to have one. I want people to use contraceptives and for those contraceptives to be foolproof. I want people to be responsible for their actions, mature in their decisions. I want children to be loved, wanted, well cared for.

I cannot bring myself to say I am against choice. I want women who are young, poor, single or all three to be able to direct the course of their lives. I want women who have had all the children they want or can afford or their in bad marriages or destructive relationships to avoid being trapped by pregnancy.

Why do Republican's want to deny a woman her right to self defense?

Here's another reason why rational voters, should get out and vote.

Once again religious extremists have managed to force their hateful obsession with interfering in and eliminating a woman's right to self-determination, including a woman's right to the self defense of her own body onto our Colorado ballot with their Proposition 67 their so-called "Personhood Amendment"

I'd love to ask these self-certain folks who presume they know "God's mind":  If God hated abortion so much why does he spontaneously abort over half the conceptions that occur?

Medline Plus - a service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine 
From the National Institutes of HealthNational Institutes of Health
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Saturday, October 4, 2014

LaPlata County Commissioners wanting to close rural libraries?

La Plata County Commissioners are actively considering axing La Plata County's two rural Public Library satellite branches.  I'd heard the rumors, then after reading an October 3rd Durango Herald article outlining the situation I was so unsettled by the prospect that I decided to write a Letter to the Editor and County Commissioners.

The following post is based on that letter along with quotes from the informative Durango Herald article and since I'm hoping this may inspire some others to contact our County Commissioners I've included their contact information at the end.
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A belated update: 
It’s not the end for two libraries

By Mary Shinn | Durango Herald staff writer " November 12, 2014

The La Plata County Commissioners responded to public concern about the fate of two county libraries Wednesday, and announced they will be fully funded.
 ... the total number of comments on libraryfunding to about 200, the most on any county issue in the last few years, County Commission Chairwoman Julie Westendorff said.  Commissioners asked for public feedback earlier this year about the relevancy of rural libraries, and they received an outpouring emphasizing their importance via email and at public meetings. …

To look at the budget, visit:
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