Tuesday, January 21, 2014

NASA explains the climate issue

Surfing the internet I'm amazed that despite increasing extreme weather events, and data on melting ice caps, warming oceans and warming surface temperatures the "climate science skeptical" community refuses to abandon any of their repeatedly disproven notions.  Instead, they get ever more shrill in their insistence on pretending nothing has changed upon our globe and that old business plans should remain sacrosanct.

Why is it that today when climate changes are becoming ever more obvious with every passing season, do Republican powers* continue to ignore scientifically reliable information - and instead support jokers who's only goal is out screaming every piece of serious science with whatever piece of misdirection they can dream up?  All intent on never admitting to the reality of our situation.

Namely, that we, ourselves, and our society, have become the biggest drivers of future living conditions here on Earth.  And given the lack of any meaningful efforts to slow down the current trajectory, it will be an ugly future indeed.

And what is it we need to learn about?  NASA has an excellent website that contains a complete review of the full spectrum of climate information that's available.  Below I've listed their index, with all labels linked to the appropriate pages.  Please take a look, learning is an adventure.

*{I appreciate there are a few Republican leaders who are taking this issue seriously, but they are seen as enemies within their own ranks}