Friday, October 2, 2009

Three Cheers to Congressman Alan Grayson


Dear Honorable Representative Alan Grayson,
I had the great privilege to make your acquaintance through a serendipitous visit to TheYoungTurk - -
Then, I went to C-Span to listen to the uninterrupted recording of your speech before the Congress.

Congressman Grayson, yours was a jaw-droppingly honest, blunt speech that needed to be given before Congress.
Thank you so much ! ! !

Furthermore... Your ability to stand up to the CNN interview assault was even more impressive !

You are a rare spark of hope for rationality.
You nailed the issue on the head and I salute you for your spirited assault upon the Republican penchant for peddling Willful Ignorance.

With regard and best wishes,
From Durango, Colorado

Peter Miesler