Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Denial Machine Keeps Cranking... an essay

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Printed in the Four Corners Free Press, February 2011
{Although the following has been edited.}

I understand no one should simply take my word on anything.
Therefore, I've added forty-five links to sources that offer educational information supporting my claims.

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What a long strange trip it's been. Forty years ago I was a bright eyed high school science student learning about greenhouse gases and the atmosphere and how those processes related to this incredibly fruitful climate our society has been enjoying compared to previous periods during our Earth’s evolution.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

UAH's John Christy's US House Ways & Means Committee testimony... examined

Here is another review I posted over at Skeptics Society Forum, since it contains many valuable links for seekers of climate information I'm posting it here.

This was directed at me from a gent over at the
"I'd rather like you to discuss the substance of Christy's assertions. Again, specifically, what assertion does he make, regarding AGW, that you classify as "political pronouncement" and dispute? What scientific assertion does he make that you dispute, and why do you dispute it?"
I gave a detailed reply:

This post is already too long, so my Christy quotes are very short but they all come from the same source for easy reference.  Since "my pronouncements" don't have much weight, I'll defer to the scientists.  Although this was in response to a “sceptical” challenge, I imagine it’ll be ignored, or they’ll find a typo, or the length, to ridicule and call it good.
Therefore, this was actually written for those wanting to learn, who are willing to take the energy to look up the links and actually read and think about what the record has to offer.
Knowledge don’t come easy.

Monday, January 3, 2011

American Physical Society official position on AGW

I still get folks offering me links referencing the "Open Letter to the Council of the American Physical Society" which
"current and former members of the American Physical Society have signed... to the APS Council calling for a reconsideration of its November 2007 Statement on Climate Change.
The Open Letter includes a proposed Alternative Statement which the signatories find a more accurate representation of the current state of the science than the unsupported assertion of the APS: “The evidence is incontrovertible.”

What these folks don't know, or won't share {besides the fact that no climatologist signed their letter} is that the APS overwhelmingly rejected this petition/letter. Here's a copy of their press release:

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 1/1/11

1/1/11. . . . and the beat goes on. . .

It's going to be a challenging year considering the faith-based {two dimensional} folks taking up their seats in our US House of Representatives and the Senate. Folks who still can't seem to fathom that our planet holds all the cards.

That either we figure out how to understand... appreciate this dynamic living planet of ours, along with a realistic appraisal of society's affect upon it... our only Biosphere. Then get real about dealing with our predicament.

Or we are in for ugly days... all self inflicted.