Sunday, November 25, 2018

Ildiko Valeria Miesler (December 20, 1925 / November 24, 2018)

Ildiko Valeria Miesler
December 20, 1925 - November 24, 2018

You were a most extraordinary mother,
sowing and nurturing the seeds of love, caring, 
curiosity, family, and belonging.  

Looking back from 63 I realize how you made us aware 
of our connection to this Earth that created us
"Children breath deeply, savor that clean country air." 
 and the human spirit within us, 
“Behold children what two hands have achieved.”

For navigating a challenging unforgiving world, 
you instilled in us the gift of appreciating that substance matters more than facade.

You endured much adversity always retaining the deepest love for us five children and an infectious enthusiasm for our world and the good people in it.  

Thank you with all our hearts!
One moment I think I have a lot I'd like to write, next moment it's all silence within.  My dear mother passed away yesterday evening, nearly 93 she was ...