Saturday, April 27, 2019

Mr.GOP, Why is an unborn fetus more important than a matriarch?

Anyone up for a good discussion?  Here’s my start, visit CFI if you want to share.
Dear Mr. GOP,
Please explain why an unborn fetus is more important than the matriarch and foundation of my family and memories? 
Killing is a horrid thing, yet Mr. GOP justifies it under a thousand guises, pleading the sacred right to “self-defense”   It’s called justifiable homicide.   Why not label abortion, justifiable homicide? 
Where is your ethical and moral justification for making abortion the supreme sin of all?  (Yet, all the while dismissing as irrelevant our destroying untold thousands of living innocents and vibrant neighbors in other nations?) 
But that’s not enough, Mr. and Mrs. Republican then have this need to play God and invade a woman’s most privates and strip that woman of her rights to Self-Defense and Self-Determination. 
How do you ethically morally justify that? 
Why is a woman’s anguished abortion a worse sin than having our Made In USA weapons of mass destruction feeding escalating violence throughout the world? 
Where is your moral authority, and no, an ancient text and you having the hubristic conceit that you are in contact with the God Almighty, Creator of Light and Time, Life and Love, isn’t enough!  Read your Bible.  The actual God of life is BEYOND OUR UNDERSTANDING!  We’ve been making it all up as we’ve gone along. 
The GOP’s attitude towards woman is every bit as barbaric as Islamic’s horrendous viciousness towards their woman.  So I’m asking Mr. and Mrs GOP where do you get off?
{I also wonder why don’t liberals and progressives have more backbone and strive harder to stand up to these absolutists and wannabe totalitarians with thoughtful, yet firm, intellectual confrontation and education?}

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Peter, why are you an Earth Centrist?

First there was a lifetime of living and absorbing lessons, then there was an essay, then there was an invitation to give a talk, then the challenge to inject some relevant bio and double the essay into 20 minutes that hold the audience's attention, okay can do, at least I’ll try.   
Then the skeptics’ group that invited me imploded.   
So it goes. 
Life is busy and now the script sits here, I like it, though I keep tinkering with it. Guess foremost it’s a continuing education project for me.  Still now with spring loading me up with chores and distractions I want to do something with it. So, I’m putting it out here and I invite thoughtful responses.
{For a fun distraction, any Bluegrass fans out there? }
Rational comments, pro, con, observational, are all welcome, nonsense will be ignored.  Thoughtful will be respected and posted no matter what it says.   

Hello, my name is Peter Miesler and I am an Earth Centrist,
… and I admit, I’m hoping you’re wondering what in the world is that and why on Earth should you care.
I even spent a couple weeks last year writing an essay describing this particular perspective.  It turned out pretty good, it was tight, flowed well, told a story that held attention and people liked reading it.
I sent it around, even received a couple attaboys from some genuine science Who’s Who, who are usually silent, which did me a bit of good.  I’m not the crazy one after all.  :-)  I have enunciated something valuable.  But that was about it, then a return to the good 'ol sound of one hand clapping.

© Steven Orfield 
When reading it to friends, though they listened with interest, it left them a bit perplexed rather than enlightened.  Okay? Fun interesting read, now what am I supposed to do with it?  What is it actually about?  And so on.  In responding I was down to, ‘it’s about perspectives and how we process the information that’s flowing through our senses.’  

Thinking on it some more I know that it's about much more than that.  It's about grasping for an appreciation of DeepTime, Evolution, and the dance of life and geology that created this world we were born out of and will die back into.  Something that offers individuals a path to understanding their own place in time and the universe within a sane reality based over-arching perspective.

Something that offers peace in the face of our individual mortality and that eternal question of “Why?”.

Something that offers spiritual fulfillment through a visceral appreciation for how time and life on this Pale Blue Dot created us and this world we inhabit today and will return to upon finishing our short dance across life’s stage.  Why isn't that cosmic gift enough?

Something that can offer rationalists and atheists a sense of our own spiritual fulfillment - in contrast to the faith-shackled's nonstop trumpeting about praising EGO and being intolerant towards others.  

Something that offers us Children of the Intellectual Enlightenment the inner moral foundation and spiritual fortitude to step up and lovingly, constructively, challenge and confront those sad brainwashed souls eye to eye.  

All of us have them in our lives, why not discover ways to ask them how they live with the cognitive dissonance inherent within their “my way only” religions? 

Maybe slow down those self-certain ME FIRST Trumpkins from steamrolling rationalists into oblivion.  Listen to them, lordie knows it's what they’re dreaming of doing.  We had better stop ignoring that or a genuine horrendous civil war will unfold in parts of our country.  They haven’t been stocking piling those straw men and contrived angry passions and weapons and ammo for nothing! (4/3/19)  But I digress.

Before I get to the Earth Centrism, I think I need to look at some of the origins of my own individual perspective.  After all, give the same book to a dozen readers of diverse backgrounds, …