Sunday, January 8, 2012


Courtesy of Climate Progress
By Stephen Lacey on Jan 6, 2012

The American Petroleum Institute rolled out it’s latest multi-media assault this week to convince voters and politicians to continue supporting the fossil-fueled status quo. The campaign comes just as the primary election season reaches a fever pitch, and is designed to keep political hopefuls focused on “brown jobs.”

API’s newest television ad, which supposedly portrays grassroots supporters expressing their love of oil and gas, was recently shown by undercover activists to be nothing more than a scripted job. Not much of a surprise, perhaps.

I think this alternative ad says it much better than the American Petroleum Institute's efforts:

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Here's the story from your friendly undercover Greenpeace activists:

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Stephen Schneider ~ an unauthorized transcript of “Science and Distortion"

{Revised 6/9/2014}

“Science and Distortion - Stephen Schneider”

Produced by Stephen Thomson and Plomomedia
“Science is Never Settled”
“System Science” 
“Value judgement”
 “Risk Management”
"… insulting our global environment at a faster rate than we are understanding it."

Is a tribute to the late Stanford University climatologist Stephen Schneider.  A video montage featuring clips of Stephen Schneider speaking at Climate One - including interview clips of a young Dr. Schneider explaining the 1970s "consensus." 

It's a selection of incisive observations regarding the decades long Republican/Libertarian driven PR attack on science and all attempts at a rational public global warming education dialogue.

Since this short list of Dr. Schneider's observations are worth becoming familiar with, I transcribed them, both to help me digest the information and to share with others who might be curious.

I called it an "unauthorized"transcript but have since received Stephen Thomson's blessing.  
In any event, here are some wise words from a voice all sides should be willing to listen to:

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In memory of Professor Stephen Schneider
1945 - 2010
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Stanford University climatologist Stephen Schneider speaking: