Sunday, March 7, 2010

Climate Change & Contrarians

The following has been printed in the March 2010 issue of the
Four Corners Free Press

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Snow Doesn't Mean No Global Warming

What a tough winter. Every time I look at the news there’s another extreme weather event happening. Vicious arctic cold fronts playing crack-the-whip across portions of the northern latitudes, then massive East Coast snow storms. Now I have contrarian friends laughing at me saying: “See there, the Earth is cooling. Your talk about Anthropogenic Global Warming is a hoax.”

What contrarians refuse to appreciate is that our planet is huge and temperatures do vary. Consider for a moment, our climate as the global heat engine which redistributes energy, heat and moisture. Temperature and barometric differences provide the throttle behind this weather machine. Inject extremes into the system - as society has been doing - and it will react in kind, it makes no difference to the engine.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ NO - Village at Wolf Creek ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ A New Website ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A website dedicated to the notion that Colorado Congressman Salazar should take a proactive roll in convincing Mr. B.J. “Red” McCombs to reconsider his speculative Village at Wolf Creek, Alberta Park development plans. In favor of returning that biologically productive gem back to its protected fold within the Rio Grande National Forest.

Also, dedicated to the appreciation that We The People have a very short moment of opportunity where a resounding public outcry just may help save Alberta Park unmolested for the benefit of all future down stream generations.

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The “ No - Village at Wolf Creek.blogspot ” is a collection of essays and important information links.
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Please link to that site for updated information on the newly reheated struggle to save Alberta Park, in the heartland of the Rio Grande National Forest.

March 3rd, 2010