Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Considering Character References

I've come to learn that trying to push rational climate science understanding and Earth 'appreciation' dialogue with right-wing, faith-based types usually leads to a flood of misrepresentation, lies and slander towards honorable productive scientists, and for the messengers, time squandering distractions and personal insults.  

For someone like me who dares go toe to toe with the contrived politically motivated echo-chamber claims, the attacks can get downright venomous.  With angry imaginations unleashed, and genuine malice in their hearts, it get's intimidating.  Particularly considering that infrastructure destroying and life disrupting and robbing extreme extreme-weather events, and their cascading consequence, are only going to keep on increasing and putting people, their resilience and cognitive dissonance to the test.

Fearful, confused, yet with a deep seated sense of entitlement and an unrealistic self-certainty, right-wingers expect the promised land of their childhood fairytales.  While the world around them is visibly crumbing they cling to ancient tribal understanding as though nothing has been learned these past millennia.  

Lacking any fundamental Earth understanding (in fact, seeming to resent it's nature) - nor the curiosity to learn about our Earth and its biosphere, with it's many life sustaining systems and how our complex society is dependent upon their good health - seems they have none of the prerequisites for understanding what scientists are trying to explain to them about what's unfolding upon our home planet.