Saturday, August 2, 2008

“I’m pro-life and I’m pro-military"... say what?

Dear Editor,
I over heard a reporter's interview with a voter - with emphasis he proclaimed: "I'm pro-life and I'm pro-military.... I don't trust Obama and I believe McCain's the only answer for this country's survival!"

I'm pro-life and I'm pro-military... " Pro-Life? How do you mean that? Pro-Life? Are you claiming you believe every human has a right to their life? If you are, I wonder if that feeling for the sanctity of life extends beyond birth? Maybe into childhood, into adolescence, through maturation and adulthood? Does that "Sanctity of Life" extend to the lives of far off people -people who have their own self sustaining belief systems? You with the "God Hates Abortionist!" signs, what do you mean "Life is Sacred?" Who's life is sacred?

In the same breath you pound your chest and proclaim " and I'm Pro-Military!" What do you mean: Pro-Military? Are you pro the way this Cheney/Bush Administration has fundamentally altered our military? How you ask?... through privatizing segments of governmental responsibility, creating huge financial windfalls for select corporate leaders. While - under our watch - a monstrously armed and militarized private corporate sector has been created. These are people and entities beholden to no one, excepting their own personal interests. (For information start by looking up Blackwater on the Web.)

Is Pro-Military allowing mercenaries to infest our USA governmental entities in order to siphon off yet more of our tax money?

Speaking about definitions: why must so many "Right to Lifers" focus only on the tenuous unborn life within a woman? A woman facing an agonized decision for herself and her already existing family... in deep respects a decision based upon self-defense? Why won't you offer any compassion or understanding to that struggling woman?

This brings to mind a cartoon, harsh in its way but very insightful: "Bush doesn't need to think about anything - he just believes things - so he's never conflicted by reality.

I believe it's time all of start thinking about reality again, at least if you want to believe in a healthy earth and society.

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