Saturday, August 2, 2008

Previous letters to the Durango Telegraph

I just came across this index.

It lists a couple dozen Letters to the Durango Telegraph Editor dating back to 2003. Glancing through them I found it sad how little had changed these past few years and now it's beginning to look like America just might want to continue this regime..... how disappointing.

Are Democrats and people of conscience and compassion... and enlightened self interest going to get up the gumption to challenge the right wing's folly, including the creationism thing (much more on that later)?  

I say this because the willfully closed mind set of the right winger, is right there next to you, of the more liberal humanitarian persuasion: they are our friends and co-workers and family - and we've stood by too silent for too long.  Time to call them on their destructive misconceptions.  >> Gently, but solidly confront their assumptions.

We are in this together, it shouldn't be about bashing the other guy.....  that road can only lead to utter destruction, it has happened before.... but humanity has never before so saturated our planet. Must we repeat that old tragedy?

If you believe in the family values of raising your kids and helping your parents through their lives and being a constructive part of a community... including people of divergent backgrounds and all, but still people who are the same, on the inside, in their souls...... then you better get pro active otherwise the corporate money monster is going to run over us once again.  


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