Monday, April 15, 2013

More videos: What We Knew In 1988, plus a few updates

Greenhouse Effect - 1988 BBC Documentary

(54:44 minutes)

This BBC documentary did a very good job of explaining the state of the science in a serious manner.  It stayed away from sensationalizing the issue and offers an excellent example of all that we knew as far back as 1988.  

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The Rise of Interdisciplinary Climate Research

Spencer Weart, AIP Center for History of Physics, Director (retired)

Excellent review of the history understanding weather and our climate.

This meeting was held March 31-April 2, 2011 at the AAAS Auditorium, in Washington, D.C. and was organized by Rita Colwell, Christopher Field, Jeffrey Shaman, and Susan Solomon

Meeting Overview
Climate science is addressing issues that require an increasingly interdisciplinary perspective, posing new challenges to scientists and to the organization and support of this science. Like other interdisciplinary activities, recognition and support of interdisciplinary climate science by the broader scientific community—including university and government administrators, journal editors and reviewers, and funding agencies—is advancing slowly. Often it is easier to recognize ideas that would represent major advances within a discipline, than ideas that would provide major advances but cut across multiple disciplinary foundations. This circumstance poses a challenge to interdisciplinary research and may slow interdisciplinary scientific advances. Such issues are of particular significance for studies of climate impacts, which may, for example,represent linkages between physical and social science, as well as feedbacks among physical, chemical and biological systems.

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1. Climate Change -- the scientific debate

The YouTube channel "Potholer54" has a worthy series of climate science education videos created by Peter Hadfield  - there are 23 short videos to date and I would recommend them to anyone trying to understand the basics.

Peter Hadfield's also does a most interesting five part review of the 
infamous Lord Monckton's many misrepresentations.

(14:56 minutes)

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Also, not to be overlooked, is YouTube's Greenman3610, aka Peter Sinclair
who keeps up on current events within the global warming debate.

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