Monday, April 8, 2013

A video and lecture tour of our Global Heat Distribution Engine...

... a scientific review of the folds within folds of harmonic complexity that make up the 'valves' and 'pistons' of our global climate system.

A series of a video and videoed lectures from established practicing scientists, the experts who have committed their careers to understand these Earth systems.  
First, an overview. . .
NASA: Earth From Space (HD)

NASA: "An epic quest to discover the invisible forces and occurrences that sustain life 
on this planet and - for the first time - 
see these processes in action in EARTH FROM SPACE. 

This sweeping special reveals Earth's deepest mysteries, 
captured in breath-taking detail, and raises profound questions 
and challenges the old assumptions of how it all works. 

Using the latest CGI technology, and joining NASA and the world's foremost Earth scientists, 
EARTH FROM SPACE transforms raw satellite data into a visible spectrum, 
offering viewers authentic, high-definition moving images
that vividly illustrate these processes at work. 

In consultation with more than 220 scientific experts from 18 international 
Earth sciences research agencies and academic institutions"
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Wacky Weather and Disappearing Arctic Sea Ice: 
Are They Connected?

Weather and Climate Summit - Day 3, Session 6 
Dr. Jennifer Francis, Rutger's University
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Arctic Paradox

For a longer and more informative version see: 
Dr. Jennifer Francis: Weather and Climate Summit - Day 5, Session 9 
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Climate Change Impacts Are Happening 
Faster and Faster- 
Greenland, Sea Level Rise and 
Some Atmospheric Chemistry

Weather and Climate Summit - Day 5, Session 10 
Dr. Jim White, University of Colorado
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The above three videos lectures were from the 
"Breckenridge Weather and Climate Summit":

Glen Gerberg Weather and Climate Summit - January 2013

The Weather and Climate Summit was established in 1985 
to bring together television weathercasters and meteorologists 
from top U.S. and Canadian markets with leading scientists and researchers. 

This summit allows for dynamic and frequent interchange 
between the media and scientists in order to foster improved 
communication and collaboration between these diverse professions.  

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
From HMS Challenger to ARGO, 
Ocean Temperatures

 Dr. Dean Roemmich, Scripps physical oceanographer
Describing how scientists measured ocean temperature during the historic voyage of the HMS Challenger (1872-76) and how today's network of ocean-probing robots is changing the way scientists study the seas.
~ ~ ~
UCTV - Perspectives On Ocean Science is an excellent source for years worth of noted scientists sharing their findings.  If you're interested in real scientists as real people explaining their work, here's an excellent resource
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The Fingerprints of Sea Level Change

Dr. Mitrovica April 2011 at the AAAS Auditorium

Dr. Mitrovica does a wonderful job of explaining new findings regarding the interactions between melting ice sheets; gravity; and surface rebound which have enabled scientists to better estimate regional sea level rise for various geophysical scenarios.

Another interesting source for lectures by scientists and experts, 
sponsored by the
National Academy of Science 
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