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This is a first step to a larger project exploring Lord Monckton's presentation to the Minnesota Free Market Institute, given September 14, 2009. The PowerPoint is available at: http://www.docstoc.com/docs/13460116/Lord-Christopher-Moncktons-Power-Point-Bethel-University--Global-Climate-Change-Conference-Oct-14-2009
This is intended as a guide for viewing along with Lord Monckton's illuminating PowerPoint slides.

The presentation can be viewed on YouTube:

Categories :

32..... Gratuitous Political Theater
41..... Gratuitous Misdirection
20..... Mudslinging: malicious, abusive, insulting, and untruths
36..... Scientific Shenanigans
19..... Big Issue Claims
17..... Graphs worth Closer Examination
05..... Looking at the Math
02..... Philosophical Considerations presented with a cynical twist
02..... Informative Slides
174 slides

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Gratuitous Political Theater:

#1 The super sized Royal Seal
#2 Text reads: “Christopher Monckton of Brenchley
Dominion of Canada and United States of America
September/October 2009”

{Who the hell does he think he is? Dominion over USA indeed.}
#3 Flat head shovel
#4 A long horses head
#5 A beautiful lake scene
#8 “You have to get the big ones right, dear!’ Margaret Thatcher
#10 “Yes We Can!” Barack Hussain al-Monckton
#11 “... but don’t believe a word I say.”{With that silly Monckton playing card.}
#12 LM’s brand against a grand sunset. “Why the truth really matters”
#16 Troubled African man with his child.
#29 “The lah nailed” judge ruled no armageddon
#30 “Gore disbelieves his own sea-level lah:” SF real estate deal.
#40 “Some lies from the UN climate panel”
#58 That big royal brand again: “Some lies from the scientific community”
#80 That big royal brand again: “The truth about temperature”
#81 a parade of bloomers
#87 That big royal brand again: “The truth about today’s climate”
#89 “It’s cooling” {With an adorable polar bear falling on his butt.}
#99 That big royal brand again: “The truth revealed: The lates science:”
#100 A little royal brand & shuttle image of space: “The UN is out of date”
#101 A little royal brand & shuttle image of space: “Computers must fail”
#102 “Pythagoras’ theorem is demonstrably true”
#103 “Monckton, 2009” {Guess showing LM’s smarter than Pythagoras or something.}
#106 outcomes - {Trying to make a point about chaos.}
#107 outcomes - {LM’s talking about chaos, but this image is a fractal image.}
#114 “Correlation does not necessarily imply causation”
#126 Image of the Earth
#152 That big royal brand again: “Whom the Gods would destroy...”
#161 That big royal brand again: “The cost of untruth: the death of freedom”
#172 Invoking President Eisenhower
#173 “OMNIS SPIRITVS LAVDET DOMINVM, above crossed USA & Canadian flags,
{With the good lord’s brand superimposed upon them.}
#174 two polar bears hugging.


Gratuitous Misdirection:

#13 “Malaria - global annual mortality” because of DDT
#14 “WHO lifts the DDT ban on 9/15/2006 ..... out of context Dr. A. Kochi
#15 “HIV” {and Lord Monckton’s final solution gone unheeded.}
#17 “When millions go hungry - crime against humanity food diverted to biofuels”
#18 Life expectancy v. CO2 emissions - ‘more we burn, better off we are’ (no citation)
#19 Child mortality v. CO2 emissions - ‘less you make, more babies die’ (no citation)
#20 African energy cycle -
#21 Under his grand brand: “If the threat is real, why need They lie?”
#31 “Polar bears lah”
#32 “The lah nailed” - saga of four dead polar bears
#34 “Warm: more polar bears - Cool: fewer polar bears (Norris et al. 2002)
#36 “Kilimanjaro summit temp, 1979-2006 (Lower Troposphere Kilimanjaro UAH v5.2)
#38 “More ice ablated away before than after” Kilimanjaro (no citation)
#52 “The attribution lie” no study positively attributes changes to AGW
#53 “The attribution lie” wording changed in 1995 IPPC report
#54 “The attribution lie” AFTER IPPC 1995 rewrite
#56 Four graphs, shows time dependent graphing results
#71 “The ‘consensus’ lie” re catastrophic implications of AGW
#72 “0”
#78 “The dead-tree lie”
#105 “Even the simplest chaotic equation...” Mandelbrot’s work.
#109 “Garbage in, garbage out!” Akasofu 2008
#110 “... and the last word on climate modeling”
#118 “CO2 is only a trace gas”
#141 “Model X 1”
#142 “Model X, Sun X”
#143 “Model X, Sun X, Sinks X”
#144 “Model X, Sun X, Sinks X, Seas X”
#145 “Model X, Sun X, Sinks X, Seas X, Clouds X”
#146 “Model X, Sun X, Sinks X, Seas X, Clouds X, Hotspot X”
#147 “Model X, Sun X, Sinks X, Seas X, Clouds X, Hotspot X, Math X”
#148 “Model X, Sun X, Sinks X, Seas X, Clouds X, Hotspot X, Math X, OLR X”
#149 “Unh, Houston we have a problem!”
#150 Quote from Professor Zichichi - equals: ‘who knows’
#151 “IPCC admits... Climate has always varied...”
#156 “The population paradox.” (UNEP Arendal - GRID)
#163 “Tiny effect (of trillions spent) on temperature” (no citation given)
#164 “Tiny effect on sea level” (no citation given)
#167 “The Chu-Chu plan:” (no citation given)
#168 “The ‘clunker plan saves money’ lie” (no citation given)
#171 “Worse crises than climate”


Mudslinging: malicious, abusive, insulting, and untruths:

#9 “We cannot question what the scientists say.” O.Letwin, Tory policy chief
#22 “We’re all gonna lie!” - "announce disasters." Sir J. Houghton
#23 “We’re all gonna lie!” - "offer up scary scenarios." Stephen Schneider
#24 “We’re all gonna lie!” - "global warming, means many things." Guilbeault, 2005
#25 “We’re all gonna lie!” - virulent attack on Gore
#26 “The “Ah jes’ done made it all up” lah,”
{Is this a self-created image? - why no citation?... proof}
#27 Gore’s “Nahm Lahs:”, actually 35 if you check ISSP web.
#28 Gore’s “The sea-level lah” what melted Greenland would mean.
#35 “The Kiluhmanjaruh lah: more ridiculing of Gore’s accent.
#39 “I’m still waitin’, Al, baby!” Monckton’s unmet debate challenge(s)
#115 “The fact of warming does not tell us the cause” Gore with flamethrower
#153 “Paloski...”
#154 “Henry Waxman...”
#155 “John Holdren...”
#157 “James Hansen... sea level will rise by 75 meters”
#158 “Schwarzenegger... debate is over”
#159 “liberals traffic light tendency...green because to yellow to be red.”
#160 “Obama as a communist”
#165 painting the world white as solution
#166 “Professor Chu...” next to steam train.

{No actual citations are given, nor is any proof offered to substantiate these smears, we are expected to take Lord Monckton’s word for it.}


Scientific Shenanigans:

#33 “Sea ice extent in the Beaufort Sea is growing” (no citation)
#37 “Cooling over central Africa, 1979-2001(NASA... is not a real citation)
#44 “How the UN bent the hockey stick” (no citation)
#45 “The computer always drew hockey sticks” (no citation)
#46 “CENSORED_DATA - and MWP restored:” (no citation)
#47 “NRC and EPA bent the data too ...” (no citation - “NRC”,“EPA” is not a citation)
#49 “The IPCC is ‘peer reviewed’ lie” (no citation)
#50 “The ‘2500 IPPC scientists’ lie”
#63 “NOAA ‘it ain’t cooling lie’” {“SPPI” is an advocacy organization}
#64 “The lie nailed” (no citation)
#65 “NOAA ‘warm oceans’ lie” NOAA 2009
#66 “The lie nailed” - (no citation - ARGO, 2009 is not a citation)
#74 “The making cooling ...” “raw data” (no citation)
#75 “... into warming lie:” “processed” (no citation)
#76 “1999” GISS data manipulated (no citation)
#77 “2009” see the changes (no citation)
#82 “For 600m year as, it was 7 C warmer than today” (no citation)
#83 “4 interglaciers were ~3C warmer than the present” (Petit et al. 1999)
#84 “Bronze Age,Roman Era,Middle Ages:warmer”(Dansgaard1969/Schonweise1995)
#85 Temperature rose 2.2 C in the 35 years 1700-1735 (no citation)
#91 “Arctic summer sea-ice area is just fine: it is recovering from 30 years low in 2007
#93 DEW Line images “proving” Greenland snow increasing.
#96 “Global sea ice: is just fine: a 30 year heartbeat” (University of Illinois)
#104 “CHAOS” Lorenz 1963 quote
#112 “Grand Minimum to Grand Maximum: 300 years warming” (Hathaway 2004)
#113 “Solar radiance at the surface vs. mean surface temperature (Soon et al. 2009)
#116 “Solar changes cause most climate change” IAU 2004
#120 “The sea is cooling - but all UN models predict ocean warming”
#123 “... So sea level has not risen for four years” (Univ of Colorado 2009_rel3)
#125 “Cloud albedo feedback is negative”
#129 “The missing ‘hot-spot’” in troposphere over the tropics
#130 “Spot the ‘hot-spot’ (IPCC 2007)
#131 “Models predict the ‘hot-spot’” (Lee et. al 2007)
#132 “But, it is not there:” (HadAT2)
#133 “Math Check! global warming makes no mathematical sense
#138 Will more radiation escape into pace?


Big Issue Claims:

#41 “The “Middle Ages were cooler’ lie”
#42 “Now you see it .... (1990 IPCC) {Cartoonish homemade graph.}
#43 “... now you don’t” (no citation of sources for graph - 2001 IPCC is not enough)
#69 “The Arrehenius lie” (no citation)
#70 A’s estimated of “5.0C slashed to 1.6C (no citation)
#73 “The ‘science is settled’ lie:” estimates on CO2/temp implications
#86 “Global mean temperature - 150 years’ data” (no citation)
#92 “Greenland ice sheet is just fine” (Johannessen et al. 2005)
#94 “Eurasian snow cover just fine” (Rutgers Snow & Ice Lab)
#95 “Antarctic sea ice is just fine” (University of Illinois)
#97 “Hurricanes - just fine” (JTWC+NHC Best/Operational Tracks - Updated 8/31/9)
#98 “Barrier Reef is just fine” (no citation-GBR Marine Park-Av.SST... is not enough)
#108 No super computer can say greenhouse effect is responsible for warming
#111 “It’s the Sun, stupid!”
#117 “It’s not CO2” “sinks take up half the CO2 we emit”
#122 “The oceans are cooling...” (Argo SST Nin - 3.4 Anomaly)
#137 “The Clincher: climate sensitivity is low” - 1/6th IPPC predictions
#162 “Pointless trillions spent on climate study” (SPPI interpretation)
#169 “Less research is needed” (no citation given)


Graphs worth Closer Examination:

#48 “700 scientists: MWP was real” 9 graphs (citations given)
#55 “The ‘it’s getting worse’ lie” IPPC 2007
#59 “The (hurricanes) startpoint lie” 1970-2005 (Webster et al. 2006)
#60 “The lie nailed” Atlantic Major Hurricanes 1944-2005 (no citation)
#62 “The lie nailed, 2006” - “wrong then wrong now - NCDC 2007” (no citation)
#67 “The ‘data revisionism’ lie” - correcting data (Wielicki, Wong et al. 2002)
#68 Graphs comparing 2002 - 2006 - correcting data (Wielicki, Wong et al. 2006)
#79 “Lying to children - CO2/Temps” Laurie David 2007 (Where’s the problem?)
#88 “Warming? What warming?”
#90 “Artctic sea-ice extent is just fine steady for a decade” (IARC-JAXA)
#119 “CO2 concentration rise is half of what the UN has forecast”
#124 “No ocean heat build up for 50 years” (Douglass & Knox 2009)
#139 “Models-predicted ratio warming to change in outgoing radiation”(Lindzen,Choi)
#140 “Observed vs. predicted ratio of warming change in outgoing radiation”
#157 “Global mean temperature - The lie nailed” (no citation given)
#170 “$80 billion squandered” (no citation given)

{Worth noting is that these graphs were home made reproductions based on other’s work and have been subject to subtle manipulation and closer examination is called for.}


Looking at the Math:

#51 “The ‘locked-in’ warming ‘in the pipeline’ lie”
#127 “The Stepan-Boltzmann Equation” - “Why is it never mentioned by IPPC?”
#128 S-B equation proves “warmer weather means more clouds - nullifies warming”
#134 math proving LM’s supposition
#136 “Walking the Planck” - more math


Philosophical Considerations presented with a cynical twist:

#6 “The seeker of truth does not put his trust in any old consensus...”
#7 “Scientific Method” “...blind faith the one unpardonable sin”


Informative Slides:

#121 “ARGO buoy system”
#135 Keihl, Trenberth schematic of Earth’s “radiation budget”



note regarding providing citations:

Monckton takes great offense at Professor Abraham for criticizing LM’s lack of proper citations. But, if Lord Monckton actually wanted to teach, as he claims, he would understand the importance of providing citations on the graphs that he displays. Since there are curious students out there.

LM carries on this sloppiness to his PowerPoint presentation which would have been a perfect place for SPPI & Monckton to provide links, instead of demanding that we take the good Lord’s word for it.

It is worth noting that SPPI is a policy advocacy group, does not do its own research, and will not disclose its funding sources.
Learning and digesting new information is not their mission.
Advocating for right wing business ideology is their mission.


Shadeburst said...

Thanks for an excellent analysis. I'm a climate sceptic and find "Lord" Monckton an embarrassment to our side, the main problem being his erroneous belief that his mediaeval title somehow adds authority to his views (the appeal to irrelevant authority). potholer54 on youtube also does a good job of deconstructing the Monckton chain of thinking.

citizenschallenge said...

Thanks, I agree that Potholer54 does a good job of deconstructing the climate science "skeptics" talking points.

Coughlan000 has collected the complete series by Potholer54 into one long video: "Potholer54 vs Monckton" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okJXxWBsulk
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Monckton Bunkum Part 1 - Global cooling and melting ice
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Monckton responds (part 1/2)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Potholer54/Greenman3610 - The Search for Lord Monckton

citizenschallenge said...

Oh, and I may a well plug

There's yet more documentation of Monckton's many misrepresentation. See this recent collection:

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