Tuesday, June 28, 2022

A distillation of my journey upon life's stage, vintage 1955. (5/5)


Nearing my 67th birthday, I’d like to share a collection of the fundamental lessons I’ve learned along the way.

    • Appreciating the Human Mindscape ~ Physical Reality divide.
    • I am a self-aware introspective element in the Pageant of Evolution.
    • We create our Gods from within ourselves.
    • We cannot understand an organism, or system for that matter, without understanding its environment.
    • Consciousness is the inside reflection of our body, interacting with itself, along with the environment and circumstance it's embedded within.
    • An appreciation for Deep Time, billions of years worth, and Earth, the dance of geology & biology unfolding one day at a time, and that it produced me, along with all other wonders.
    • There is no Body-Mind Problem, it is in actuality an Ego-God Problem.
    • My body has taken better care of me, than I have of it.
    • Consciousness is the product of Earth's biology, of interacting and living, when we die consciousness ceases like a light bulb that’s lost its power.  All that awaits us is the deep dark eternal sleep from which none awake, and it is good.
    • Yes, it is good, live your blessed moment while you have it to live, the universe doesn’t owe you anything.
    • Our after-life unfolds within the hearts and minds of others, and it is good.
    • We need each other to keep ourselves honest.

Bringing it back to Earth Centrism


Recorded December 2019


Recorded ~April, 2019


Furthermore, for the record:

Hate to turn it political but politics matter!

Still looking to connect with people for whom these ideas resonate.

If we aren't changing minds we are losing.

©1975, Peter Miesler

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