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Investigating China’s Smog, “Under the Dome” - Chai Jing

Considering that some are trying to censor this important video, I figured I should do my little part for international free speech… and honestly facing the world we have created for our children, and embed it over here.
Investigating China’s Smog, “Under the Dome” - Chai Jing

Under the Dome (Chinese: 穹顶之下; pinyin: qióngdǐng zhī xià) is a 2015 self-financed, Chinese documentary film by Chai Jing, a former China Central Television journalist, concerning air pollution in China. 

Chai Jing started making the documentary when her as yet unborn daughter developed a tumour in the womb, which had to be removed very soon after her birth. 

The film openly criticises state owned energy companies, steel producers and coal factories, as well as showing the inability of the Ministry of Environmental Protection to act against the big polluters.

Despite demonstrating the failure of China's regulations on pollution, the Chinese government at first did not censor the film. Instead, the People's Daily reposted the film alongside an interview with Chai, while Chen Jining, the recently-appointed minister for environmental protection, praised the film, comparing its significance with Silent Spring, the 1962 book by US environmentalist Rachel Carson

However, within a week, the Communist Party’s publicity department confidentially ordered the film to be removed. An employee of China Business News was suspended for leaking the order. ...

Chai Jing's: Under the Dome 
Investigating China’s Smog 
(full translation)

Published on Mar 1, 2015 | 1:43:55

Former celebrity TV anchor Chai Jing quit her job after her baby daughter was born with a lung tumor, and after a year of rigorous investigation, launched this 1 hour 40 minute documentary about China’s smog: what is smog? Where does it come from? What do we do from here? It is very powerful in many ways. English subtitles of the documentary are not yet completely finished, but if you can, grab a Chinese friend and watch it together. English subtitles are now completely finished, and other languages are being added.

"This documentary went viral in China. 
Then it was censored. 
It won’t be forgotten."
By Steven Mufson | The Washington Post | March 16, 2015 

Every so often a seminal book or powerful movie alters the way we see the world around us. 
In the past three weeks, an online documentary about air pollution in China called “Under the Dome” has done exactly that for the peoples’ republic. Made by a well-known China Central Television newscaster Chai Jing, the film drew more than 150 million viewers in the first days after Chai posted it online. In the film, Chai, dressed casually in jeans and a white blouse, paces back and forth on a stage in what is essentially a 143-minute TED talk – with devastating effect. 
In three weeks, it has gone from Internet sensation, to being blocked by government censors, to being the subject of a question to Premier Li Keqiang at a press conference on Sunday where Li vowed that the government would do more to combat pollution.
The film has done this not so much by breaking news so much as bringing it all together. 
Chai combines personal heart-tugging narrative, investigative reporting and explanatory skills to dissect the reasons for the dire air pollution that plagues Chinese cities.
She starts off talking about her new-born daughter, ... 
{see full story at http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/energy-environment/wp/2015/03/16/this-documentary-went-viral-in-china-then-it-was-censored-it-wont-be-forgotten/}

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