Thursday, June 13, 2013

NIPCC - Who Are They?

Given the coming fire-storm of media attention and the predictable misrepresentation regarding a branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences translating and printing the Heartland Institute's NIPCC (Non-governmental Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change ) report.  I thought this insightful article regarding just who and what the NIPCC is would be timely.  

Once again with a tip of my hat to the dedicated folks over at - and their commitment to the collection and sharing of climate science news from around the globe - I proudly repost this article from February 2012:

But, first here are links to more information about the latest happenings, from my other blog:

Heartland’s NIPCC report to be accepted by CAS in special ceremony... WUWT?

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DenialGate Highlights Heartland's Selective NIPCC Science (via Skeptical Science)
Posted on 18 February 2012 by dana1981 DenialGate - the leaked internal documents from the climate science denying think tank Heartland Institute - has given us a small glimpse into the operations of the climate denial movement.  Funds from a few wealthy individuals and corporations are funneled…

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