Monday, August 8, 2011

A link between climate change and Joplin tornadoes? Never!

I'm active in a couple discuss forums with some AGW "skeptics" and something that increasingly perplexes me is their ability to ignore the full scope of climate changes as witnessed by the past two decades and specially these past two years of increasingly freakish weather events.

Try as I might I fail at making a dent. Today I came across this video reproduction of an editorial written by Bill McKibben, long time Earth Science reporter. To be blunt, it presents our situation with the sober clarity of a much needed slap in the face.

As I said over at the SkepticForum: "I'd be curious if anyone had any thoughts to share... " If you're so inclined join the "discussion"

Thank you

This video takes Bill McKibben’s recent editorial from the Washington Post {"A link between climate change and Joplin tornadoes? Never!"}
sets it to music and video of last year’s weather events.


UP DATE February 24, 2012
Heartland Institute's private financial records and goals were leaked recently causing all sorts of uproar.
What they expose is that Heartland Institute is 100% issue based, they see scientific learning and understanding reality as a hinderance to their agenda... something to abhor.

Over at I've been making a collection of important articles that document events as they unfold.

Here's one that certainly stands out:

David Suzuki'
"It's Time That Climate-Change Deniers Were Exposed."

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