Saturday, August 20, 2011

WitsEndnj.blogspot - Air Pollution, Ozone, CO2 & Dying Trees

This is basically a For Your Information post regarding an information resource extraordinaire

Anyone doing a research project involving aspects of atmospheric pollutants be it Acid Rain, or low altitude Ozone, air pollutants, or CO2’s other problems here is a website of literally hundreds of relevant resources that Gail Zawacki, and friends, has put together at WitsEnd blog.

BASIC PREMISE + Research Links about Dying Trees

Government agencies such as NASA and the US Department of Agriculture measure annual losses of essential crops such as wheat, rice and soybeans in the billions of dollars from stunted growth and reduced production due to ozone. But does anybody stop to think what ozone must be doing to long-lived species - trees and shrubs and even lowly mosses - that suffer from cumulative exposure, season after season?
I have been looking into tree sensitivity to pollution ever since I realized that the trees are not only growing more slowly, they are actually dying at a rapidly accelerating rate. This is being reported from all over the world, not just around my farm in New Jersey. Every species of every age is in decline, as is the understory of the woods. It is well documented that ozone interferes with the ability of vegetation to photosynthesize by damaging the stomata of foliage and needles.

HERE is an ever expanding list of links to peer-reviewed publications and other reports, mostly about ozone and ethanol but also a few on acidifying oceans and climate change - those with stars are among the most pertinent.
The first section are articles I found and linked to - below that is a list that has been contributed by "Highschooler", an anonymous student who rightly understands the urgent need to cease burning fossil fuels and transition to clean energy - and is courageously doing far more than most adults to preserve a habitable climate and ecosystem for the future.

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