Monday, January 3, 2011

American Physical Society official position on AGW

I still get folks offering me links referencing the "Open Letter to the Council of the American Physical Society" which
"current and former members of the American Physical Society have signed... to the APS Council calling for a reconsideration of its November 2007 Statement on Climate Change.
The Open Letter includes a proposed Alternative Statement which the signatories find a more accurate representation of the current state of the science than the unsupported assertion of the APS: “The evidence is incontrovertible.”

What these folks don't know, or won't share {besides the fact that no climatologist signed their letter} is that the APS overwhelmingly rejected this petition/letter. Here's a copy of their press release:

APS Council Overwhelmingly Rejects Proposal to Replace Society’s Current Climate Change Statement

The Council of the American Physical Society has overwhelmingly rejected a proposal to replace the Society’s 2007 Statement on Climate Change with a version that raised doubts about global warming. The Council’s vote came after it received a report from a committee of eminent scientists who reviewed the existing statement in response to a petition submitted by a group of APS members.

The petition had requested that APS remove and replace the Society’s current statement. The committee recommended that the Council reject the petition. The committee also recommended that the current APS statement be allowed to stand, but it requested that the Society’s Panel on Public Affairs (POPA) examine the statement for possible improvements in clarity and tone. POPA regularly reviews all APS statements to ensure that they are relevant and up-to-date regarding new scientific findings.

Appointed by APS President Cherry Murray and chaired by MIT Physicist Daniel Kleppner, the committee examined the statement during the past four months. Dr. Kleppner’s committee reached its conclusion based upon a serious review of existing compilations of scientific research. APS members were also given an opportunity to advise the Council on the matter. On Nov. 8, the Council voted, accepting the committee’s recommendation to reject the proposed statement and refer the original statement to POPA for review. As a membership organization of more than 47,000 physicists, APS adheres to rigorous scientific standards in developing its statements. The Society is always open to review of its statements when significant numbers of its members request it to do so.

These AGWHoaxers constantly try to portray themselves as selfless concerned citizen's yet their keniving manipulation of information reveals a dishonest streak that is only concerned with stopping any reconsideration of our suicidal addiction to endlessly increasing consumption.
Shame on them.

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