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A peek at Political Advocacy Science: Singer, Christy, Douglass

"There you go again," I was told regarding my "Comparison of Tropical Temperature Trends with Model Predictions... examined." Of course I was accused of: "Bashing those you disagree with even though you do not have the scientific qualifications to do so. That's the kind of thing a zealot does."
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So here is a small sampling. Tell me if it doesn't seem like "science being politicized?":
There's an informative write up on Fred Singer at:

"Sure, the North Pole Is Melting. So What?" *
by S. Fred Singer
{* Well for one it's turning the Arctic Ocean's once reflective surface into a giant heat absorption plate. You would think someone with Singer's brains could figure that out.}

"Hysterical media reports notwithstanding, there is no sound scientific evidence that the globe is warming." * By Hoover fellow S. Fred Singer
{* This statement can only be made by willfully ignoring genuine Earth Observation findings! Again, one would think someone with Singers brains could recognize that evidence - but than, he's become more political machine than scientist.}

December 19, 2010
"Secondhand Smoke, Lung Cancer, and the Global Warming Debate"
By S. Fred Singer ... ancer.html

"What To Do about Greenhouse Warming:  Look Before You Leap"
by S. Fred Singer, Roger Revelle??? and Chauncey Starr
Cosmos: A Journal of Emerging Issues Vol. 5, No. 2, Summer 1992
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Now here's a sorry episode:
January | 2009 | The Libertarian Alliance: BLOG
Jan 31, 2009 "... And in 1991 Revelle teamed up with Chauncey Starr, founding director of the Electric Power Research Institute and Fred Singer, the first director ... Roger Revelle died of a heart attack three months after the Cosmos story was printed..." - Cached

Teamed up?, not really if you listen to Revelle’s wife and or the sworn testimony of his secretary... "at the time Revelle was very ill" {and soon to die}... this turned out to be a fairly lurid fraud, as explained here:
"And a third Revelle confidant Lancaster reviewed the Cosmos paper in detail with C.D. Keeling, both being at Scripps., "Keeling and I agreed that there were too many misleading and inaccurate statements in the Cosmos article for Roger to have been carefully, attentively and enthusiastically "writing" or "authoring the Cosmos paper"

"At about the same time another colleague of Revelle at Scripps, Walter Munk and Ed Frieman wrote to the Cosmos Journal that "S. Fred Singer wrote the paper, and as a courtesy added Roger as a co-author based upon his willingness to review the manuscript and advise on aspects relating to sea level rise."

This was published also in Oceanography 5 (1992) 125. Keeling and Lancaster also wrote the New Republic, but that letter was not published. Still the Cosmos article continued to be pushed by the denialists. George Will stuck his oar in. . .”

{So much for scientific integrity... there are plenty more stories to tell about the infamous Dr. Singer's creative manipulation of science to achieve one's political agenda.}
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Professor John Christy writer of such political opining as:

"My Nobel Moment" The Wall Street Journal. Nov.1, 2007

"No consensus on IPCC's level of ignorance" BBC News, November 13, 2007

"What if global-warming fears are overblown?"* Fortune - May 14, 2009
In a Fortune interview, noted climatologist John Christy contends the green crusade to fight climate change is "all cost and no benefit." ... 2009051412
{* What if global-warming fears are being underblown?}

Appeared in documentary "The Great Global Warming Swindle"

Appeared in "Exposed: The Climate of Fear"
CNN, Glenn Beck special May 2, 2007
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December 20, 2009
A Climatology Conspiracy?*
By David H. Douglass and John R. Christy ... iracy.html
{* When can we start examining the contrarian big business conspiracy of creating Willful Ignorance?}
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With little effort this list could be much increased.

Then there are those various connections to Heartland, Competitive Enterprise Institute, The Marshall Institute, or Prof. Singer’s own Science & Environmental Policy Project. All with decidedly agenda driven programs, that exclude all serious level-field examination of the mountain of evidence climatologists have been accumulating. Instead, slaughtering honest learning through a smoke'n mirrors onslaught of deception and obfuscation.

These organizations that make perpetuation of our self-consuming “laissez-faire free market” economics their job one. This is nothing less than dedicated mass marketing activist science... of the dishonest sort.

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PS. I would prefer being called an Alarmist,
in the finest tradition of Paul Revere I might add.
... because it's way past due for the alarms to start getting listened to!

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