Monday, August 20, 2018

Al Franken fiasco, Democrats blow it again.

Frankly, I've stayed away from posting here at CC because of this Al Franken fiasco.
I felt the previous post and Franken's ultimate resignation demanded a follow up before moving on, but I've been busy with too many other things and time keeps flying.

Lots of lessons in this repeat of the hapless Democratic Party's habit of shooting itself in the foot.

Taking a potentially fantastic teaching moment to reach an important demographic (including both sexes!) and approach an old problem in a refreshingly honest manner - where we take a moment to suspend our need for judgmentalism and retribution, and stop to consider reasons and context, including communication failures and strategies.

With a guy that knew how to speak with large varied crowds, but it turned into yet another victory for the absolutist crowd, who's world outlook seems confined to seeing only predators and innocent victims, while ignoring that our real world messy lives are much more complex landscapes and that everyone needs to be taking a bit more personal responsibility for themselves.

There's a hell of a difference between a predator and a fool at a party that grabs your boob or crotch - yet it seems that many woman of the strident persuasion refuse to appreciate those complexities.  But then, when a tribe is out for a scalp, simplifying and demonizing makes it so much easier to accomplish.

Perhaps someday I'll have more to share on this page.

Good luck, Al Franken, what they did to you is a real shame and another indication that the Democratic Party movers'n doers haven't learned a damned thing.

FYI, this is no endorsement of the notion of voting for a 3rd Party candidate.  In our real world we are stuck within a two party system, it is the Democratic Party we must stick with and reform - or we give it all to the Republicans and the wannabe oligarchs who own them.  


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