Saturday, January 28, 2017

I'm Offended Sen. Jeff Sessions Mistakes His Own Ego For GOD

This morning I was reminded of Senator Sessions being “offended” at being reminded of scientific facts.  Given that Sessions is being considered for Attorney General of the USA we should reflect on the religion forced absolutism that enables his brand of blind rejection of observation-based scientific facts. 

Whereas Senator Sessions is offended when confronted with real down to Earth facts, I’m offended that Republicans have demolished the distinction between their own Personal Truths and Universal Truths.

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Compounding his base dishonesty Sessions relies on a single incomplete data set he’s knowingly misrepresenting. 

That's offensive - how dare Republicans believe it’s okay to wantonly disregard rock solid down to Earth understanding.  I know, ...

I’m offended that the Republican avarice driven agenda hides behind a mass delusion of doing God’s Will.

Can we please get real - the God Almighty of Time and Creation, Life and Love!  How many billions of years has she been around?  

Your Lord of the Bible, how many years has he been around, moving from one strife filled petty tribal generation to the next?  Ever notice in the Bible's books of Job and Romans?  They warn all who read it, God is beyond human understanding.  But, who pays any attention?

I’m offended evangelicals have taken Jesus’ Passion to twist and distort into an Exclusive Entrance Pass for their private club.

The Secret of the Jesus’ Passion?

Jesus’ Passion is a guide and support for us as we individually traverse our own lives.  Jesus is there in spirit to help each who reaches for him to help guide in times of trials and tribulations.  He’s about helping those who’ve reached their reckoning, when sins and failings have done their damage and there’s no place left to go.

He offers strength to stand trial, to be justly convicted, …
to face it, own it, to absorb our own sins. 
To finally understand it from the outside looking in. 

Shattering our egos.  
Dying on the cross of our own making.

The Glorious News is that once you’ve done it, 
the promised rebirth happens, and you awaken a new person.

Your history is still yours, but your direction, attitude and understanding is deeper.  You find yourself with tools to handle the day to day you never imagined were in you.  You finally appreciate your’s is a universal struggle, just as with your parents and their parents and all others.

Jesus is,
not about brainwashing or absolutism, or self-delusion,
not about driving an agenda and gaining power,
not a bludgeon of judgement,
no end of the world, 
no heaven or hell.
Just a guiding support for those who choose to believe.

Jesus certainly isn’t ruler of our eternal physical universe, nor our mother planet, Earth.

Jesus is a divine being of our own global societal mind,
it’s a beautiful thing, but that’s as far as his reach goes.

Not a Universal Truth, Jesus and the Abrahamic Faiths are Personal Truths, nothing more.  Science, that’s a human tool for understanding the physical world we were born out of and will die back into.  It’s a tool for keeping humans honest* in a way religions are incapable of.

PS. We need each other to keep ourselves honest.

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