Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Why Vote Third Party? continued

This evening something came up that fit right in with my current theme of Why Not Vote Third Party that I want to share, rough though it may be.  

I'm participating in an interesting conversation over at HotWhopperChat where a gent is complaining about being frustrated enough to vote for Trump, he can't see what harm it could do.  Check out the thread at:

“US election soap opera intermission and Trump conspiracies"

citizenschallenge | 9:37PM

M said:
"... there is no assurance whatsoever that Hillary will be superior to Donald in any substantive way"

. . .
"...Based on her record and campaign, she is more likely to lead us into more wars than Trump. I think it's very possible Hillary gets us into WWIII." 

A)  Can you please think about what you are saying.  
Go and listen to Trump talk about issues, or should I say listen to Trump stray from talking about the issues.  When has he ever displayed an appreciation for the complexities of dealing in today's world?  He's all superlatives, it's either glowing praise or withering derision.  Worse his talks always turns back to how great he believes he is.
I've learned from life that the truly great people don't need to broadcast their greatness - greatness emanates from behaving with dignity and intelligence.  M.  have you looked into Trump's business dealings?  
   Yeah, I don't like her, nor do I particularly trust her, mind you I've held a grudge against her since what I saw as her abysmal "shepherding" (or not) of the Clinton Health Plan through Congress and a dead end.  

Still, after listening to her in three debates I may not like her any better, but I do respect her a bit more.  Still, I'll agree SNL nailed it ... 
(Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton Third Debate Cold Open - SNL)

Now back to pragmatic reality.  From what little I've heard of the current crop of third party candidates all are decidedly deluded in their own right, take your favorite and do some YouTube searches.
Also you forget the bottom line.  Like it or not this election is all about REPUBLICANS vs. DEMOCRATS taking power - One party or the other will hold the reigns of power, or they will need to share depending on how Congressional elections turn out.

The President is important, but the bureaucracy and the reigns of government, that is of paramount importance.  Jezz, just the specter of another faithful extremist returning the Supreme Court to guide the court back to a right-wing agenda pushing composition.   This isn't a game.  
Sorry my blood gets to boiling about here - because it gets me to thinking about uppity Ralph Nader voters in 2000 - and when I think about them, I think Shock'n Awe and bombed out innocent people and their neighborhoods and a world's future needlessly turned hideous and vengeance craving. 
Thanks to good Americans who felt too good to participate in what they perceived to be a 'spectacle' of politics. That is electing the people who are going to run this country for the next for years.  
And now you want to repeat the experiment???  WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO ACHIEVE ?
Sure, it's a losing battle against the billionaires and their masters of the universe - But is throwing away your vote to help enable the faith-based anti-science Republican tribe, any sort of reasonable, or respectable form of Protest?  There's got to be some better thing you can do.
Democrats crappy as they are, (and trust me, they've been breaking my heart for decades, I've had many private and semi-private rages against their ineptness over the years.  But, let's be fair, there is plenty of blame to pass around.  In the end here in American the public has been lulled by the boobtube and brainwashed by certain masters of the universe.  
USA's democracy is dependent on an informed and engaged populous.  Just as the Fourth Estate of the Press is failing in its traditional duties, so too our citizens are failing the system that depend on their participation.
The cold hard reality is that it's either: 
Republicans, who as we know all too well are lost in their own make-believe universe.  I mean these people believe they understand God, and that ancient tribal texts have more value than contemporary rationalism. They reject the collective global community of scientists and their fact-based evolving understanding of the physical world that surrounds us.  They flat out reject global trends because it doesn't fit with their agenda.  I mean really, why the hell would any rationalist want to support that?  
Or the Democrats who at least acknowledge that facts trump faith and opinion.  People who trust experts and the scientific community.  People who still exist in the real world.
Better to get serious about going at the elected Democrats once in office and then forcing your change onto that internal power structure.  History is full of examples.  



Oh, and what are all these alleged awful things Hillary has done?  

I'll admit I haven't followed the scandals, so can't pretend to be familiar with details.
Still it seems that the times I do hear details they evaporate, it's like, SO?
The emails, careless maybe, but nothing earth shattering or sinister.
Benghazi, political BS through and through.
Vince Foster affair  ;-/
What about the Republican relentless hostility and demonizing?
Just asking, she may be a cold hearted driven B, so?  If she is competent.

At least she's got intelligence and depth and actually experience in the real big time.

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