Thursday, September 11, 2014

;- )

This is just a test.
{And a depository of images I want to use in other places, plus prep for future projects.
Someday I'd like to write some essays about a day on the job with a humanist.}

Oh and that's Chili contemplating the iron curtain installation.

If you're curious what this is all about visit

Corrales fences and horse shed

August 11th look at finished horse shed
(note, I do verbal typo's too - it's T1-11 in the tack room)


The Champ

reacquainting myself with an old pal so to speak
I learned to operate this same machine in 2000
as part of my 3yr. apprenticeship from dang good helper to real carpenter.

And here's a peak at the place I had the privilege of shopkeeping for six weeks.
September, October

And a week before this back corner looked way different, full set of kitchen cabins,
but, they went out the door as fast as they came in.
Yea, pretty near everything I walk by I've moved once or twice.
Another week, another job, another adventure.  ;- )

Happy holidays
dreaming of a white christmas

For the rest of the story:


Ian Anderson, aka Jethro Tull, from Aqualung

WTC column/spandrel assembly/floor structure-

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