Sunday, January 13, 2013

#1 What Does Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) Really Stand For?

I'm amazed, given the escalating extreme and damaging weather events these past years -  how the denial echo-chamber and Fake Skeptics have reacted.  Instead of finally seeing the proverbial writing on the wall it seems they are reacting more like wounded animals, shriller and nastier then ever.  

As I visit my regular virtual discussion boards I'm amazed at the utter nonsense that get's tossed in one's face.  And there's way the heck too much unjustified paranoia and insinuations that scientists and agencies are liars - along with more anger about their financial concerns.

Every visit I come up away with another two or three silly fake skeptic assertions I'd like to write about, because they are so blatantly misleading.  But, I have very little time available - it's something I find really frustrating.

This is a reason why I'm not one bit shy about sharing the work of others.  Besides, there's no way I could have done as good a job as this series does, so allow me to share a learning opportunity.

{I went ahead and posted all four articles in this excellent series.}
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What Does GWPF Really Stand For? (via Desmogblog)
This is a guest post by MA Rodger The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) is a UK-based climate-sceptic think-tank founded in November 2009 by Lord Lawson. Within two years of its launch, a survey of scepticism in the global media by Oxford University's RISJ had added a final chapter showing the…

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