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#4 Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) and the hockey stick

Here's another examination of how contrarians weave fiction into their presentations.
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GWPF & The Hockey Stick Curve (via Desmogblog)
The previous post in this series examined the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) Briefing Paper No3 "The Truth About Greenhouse  Gases". Despite its title, Briefing Paper No3 said very little about such gases. Yet one subject (not directly to do with greenhouse gases) was discussed at some length…

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Considering what certain folks have made of the Thames River freezing during the "LIA" (little ice age) I found it interesting to discover that portions of the Thames River have a long history of freezing and periodic Ice Fairs.  Here's the start of their blog:                              
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Please note that though this page has been quoted as evidence for: a) Global Warming, and b) No Global Warming it has been written as simply a summary of what can be found without any regard to its implications!  
It should also be observed that the old London Bridge (1176-1825) acted as a weir and more or less prevented tides and salt water passing that point - so that the river above bridge was much more susceptible to freezing than has been the case since 1825.  
The earliest chronology is given by Charles Mackay in "The Thames and its Tributaries", 1840. He omits to mention how he knows! 
250: the Thames was frozen over for nine weeks 291: for six weeks; 401: for two months; 558: for six weeks; 695: the Thames was frozen for six weeks, when booths were built, and a market held upon the ice; 827: for nine weeks; 908: for two months; 923: for thirteen weeks; 998: for five weeks; 1063: for fourteen weeks; Subsequent dates have more evidence than presented by Charles Mackay! 1076: The river was again frozen over.
The records of the second millennia are even better and more detailed.

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