Wednesday, January 16, 2013

CO2 – An Insignificant Trace Gas? The Science of Doom

As the echo-chamber becomes ever shriller with their insinuations of dishonestly among the scientists who make up the climatological community.  

It would be good for interested citizens to try to understand the basics that underpin the scientific consensus.

For those who are actually interested in learning why over 95% of scientists who are familiar with global warming issues - understand and support the notion that CO2 and other GreenhouseGases are the major drivers of recent unusual increases in Earth's temperature and weather patterns, {and why these scientists are worried about the future situation becoming ever more intense} - Science of Doom does an excellent job of explaining the science.

I invite those interested in learning to spend some time reading through this first class climate education website.
CO2 – An Insignificant Trace Gas? Part One 
November 28, 2009 ~ by ... -part-one/ 
section headings:
Argument from Inconceivability
How do we analyze the Earth’s Climate?
Energy from the Sun
Energy from the Earth
Energy Absorbed by Gases in the Atmosphere
Measurements in the Lab
What Effect Does it Have?
The Maths
The Stefan-Boltzmann Law states: . . .
But wait, there's more,

Climate is a complex subject. Hopefully this explains some basics and we can start looking a little deeper in subsequent posts.
More in this series: 
Part Two – why different gases absorb different amounts of energy, why some gases absorb almost no longwave radiation 
Part Three – the Beer Lambert model of absorption and the concept of re-emission of radiation 
Part Four – band models and how transmittance of CO2 changes as the amount of CO2 increases under “weak” and “strong” conditions 
Part Five – two results from solving the 1-d equations – and how CO2 compares to water vapor 
Part Six – Visualization - what does the downwards longwave radiation look like at the earth’s surface 
Part Seven – The Boring Numbers – the values of “radiative forcing” from CO2 for current levels and doubling of CO2. 
Part Eight – Saturation – explaining “saturation” in more detail 
CO2 Can’t have that Effect Because.. – common “problems” or responses to the theory and evidence presented
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Oale said...

Trying various ways to dumb this down, since there are some hard equations in the science of greenhouse effect...
Materials are different because they look different in electromagnetic light (energy). The study of these differences is called spectroscopy. Infrared radiation is experienced as heat. CO2 looks darker than transparent in infrared light. It's a gas and nowadays there's 1/3 more of it than before humans. Air gets hotter.