Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lord Chris Monckton Update, April 2012, courtesy of

Lord Monckton just can’t seem to stay away from the lime light while the right wing can’t seem to get enough of his fairy-tale version of reality and science.  
Having watched... even studied a few of his presentations,  
most particularly his September 14th, 2009 performance to the Minnesota “Free” Market Institute 
I do appreciate why he is so loved by folks of a denialist “free market” persuasion.  
The man is a great speaker, a mesmerizer, a political entertainer of the highest caliber.

On the other hand, his utter arrogant contempt for science's understanding of Earth processes, society’s impact and its consequences is downright criminal.
But enough of that.  
Here's another example of the type of posts I dream of putting together, if only...

Fortunately, there is a team of folks over at who do some first class work in gathering and presenting the facts.  Here is an excellent collection of the unflappable Lord’s latest misrepresentation.

Courtesy of Dana1981 at John Cook’s, posted April 5th.
“Monckton Misleads California Lawmakers - Now It's Personal (Part 2)”



    Monckton Misleads California Lawmakers - Now It's Personal (Part 2) (via Skeptical Science)

       Posted on 5 April 2012 by dana1981 Rather than responding to Peter Hadfield's devastating documentation of Christopher Monckton's constant misrepresentation of his sources, Monckton spent March 21st, 2012 giving a presentation to 5 California state legislators (of 120 who were invited) and approximately…






I challenge any skeptic to dispute Dana's points with actual science!

Thank you John Cook, Dana, and the rest of the SkS community for making this important information available.
I hope your broadcasting of learning opportunities will bear much fruit.

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