Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Prof Stewart explains "How The Earth Made Us"

Over the past week I’ve been watching
Geology Professor Iain Stewart’s BBC production:
How The Earth Made Us
, a truly epic five part series.

Absolutely fascinating stuff and a reminder that there’s always more to discover and learn from. For the receptive this series will amaze and leave you with a greater appreciation for how our planet has nurtured humanity and made civilizations possible.

The quote at 23:45 of "#5 Human Planet" really got my attention:
“If you add together all the landscapes we’ve altered, our cities, towns villages, farms (mining, etc) then 75% of the Earth’s ice free land mass owes it appearance to us.” {that is, reflects society’s impact.}
Somewhere else he points out that 5 times as much water is held in our reservoirs as is held in Earth’s rivers. Our impact is immense, but our appreciation so shallow... Professor Stewart is doing an excellent job of helping fill the gap.

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I’ve found that this series is also available on courtesy of historyforall.

How Earth Made Us -1/5- Water

How Earth Made Us -2/5- Deep Earth

How Earth Made Us -3/5- Wind

How Earth Made Us -4/5- Fire

How Earth Made Us -5/5- Human Planet

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