Thursday, March 24, 2011

USA Navy's Chief Oceanographer David Titley

USA Navy's Chief Oceanographer David Titley was a long time serious skeptic regarding anthropogenic global warming. Still this man has to pay attention to what's happening on this planet and its oceans. He has had a change of heart and has some thoughts to share.
Seems to me this guy's opinion ought to carry a little weight. Check it out:

TED at the Pentagon - Rear Admiral David Titley, USN -
Climate Change and National Security (25 min)
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or a shorter version:
US Navy Chief Oceanographer: I Was Formerly a Climate Skeptic (9 min)
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What does climate change mean for the US Navy? (4 min)
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Admiral David Titley, USN, Oceanographer and Navigator of the Navy responds to a question from Cathy Lewis, Executive Producer at WHRO in Norfolk, Virginia regarding how he answers climate change skeptics. "...basically, try to walk through the physics at a very, very basic, conceptual level...we know the climate's changing. There's just too much data for us...It all lines up with a consistent picture."
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Then there's the video's from the
National Intelligence Council's ~ Implications of Global Climate Change

Natl. Sec. Implications of Global Climate Change Pt. 2
Dr. Ron Filadelfo talks about leading a study team charged with figuring out the affects of climate change in the US and abroad. He gives insight into the collaboration between his organization and other military advisers to come up with worst case scenarios and preventative measures.
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(5:50) "Our military advising board really look at this as risk. . . They talk about these huge ramifications that could occur to our nation down the road. And as prudent military planners they say that throughout our careers we’ve never dealt with 100% certainty. . .
"(A sound bit) from General Sullivan: “As military guys know that if we wait for 100% certainty on the battlefield, something bad has happened."
When military guys, and national security planners know there’s a risk that maybe all these bird brain scientists could be right, we as a nation better be ready.”

Natl. Sec. Implications of Global Climate Change Pt. 3
Retired Major General Richard Engel of the National Intelligence Council (NIC), talks about the threat climate change poses to US national security. He shares the results of case studies conducted by the intelligence community and speaks to the methodology behind their development.

Natl. Sec. Implications of Global Climate Change
Pt. 4
Rear Admiral David Titley explains how climate change could impact US Naval operations. He talks about sea level rise, ocean acidification and the climate negotiations in Copenhagen.

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