Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Viscount Lord Monckton update ~

The information regarding Lord Monckton's political theater and mutilation of scientific data keep growing in leaps and bounds.

At Skeptical John Cook has gathered a treasure trove
and organized it under various headings:
Monckton's Articles written by Monckton
Skeptical Arguments used by Monckton
Skeptical Science Blog Posts explaining science and flaws in the LM's arguments
External Links regarding Lord Monckton
Search function
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Then there is the excellent website
Anti-Climate Change Extremism in Utah {a local front in a global battle}
Barry Bickmore has put together an extensive Rap Sheet on Monckton. In his own words:
"... With that in mind, I have created this page to collect Monckton’s entire rap sheet into one place for easy reference. I have allowed comments, so please write if you want me to update the page with a new example, or even if you want to defend him. I’ll not update the text with any charges that I don’t think are adequately backed up, however, and I have no problem linking to any responses Lord Monckton wants to post on the Internet..."
Followed with a directory of sorts: "The Church of Monckton"
As he explains it:
"Over on Lord Monckton’s Rap Sheet, I showed quite clearly that Christopher Monckton is not the most… reliable source of information. Usually he would be the kind of person one would politely ignore, but I decided to publicly document his antics because he is constantly being touted as an expert on (what’s wrong with) climate science by some very powerful politicians and media personalities, foundations, and even by a few scientists (who almost invariably are not climate specialists.) The purpose of this page is to document who the politicians, media personalities, foundations, and scientists are, who have treated Monckton as if he were a credible source of information about climate science."


Like the typical bully that he is, Monckton can dish it out ~ but he sure can’t take it.

Storyville - 2010-2011 - 16. Meet the Climate Sceptics

"Documentary which goes to the heart of climate scepticism to examine the key arguments against man-made global warming and tries to understand the people who are making them."
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"BBC Accused of Bias by the Most British Man Who Ever Lived"
"Lord Christopher Monckton says his wacky denials of global warming were unfairly skewed in a recent BBC documentary on the environment. Lord Monckton claims, "They made it sound as if these were just my personal views, as if I was some potty peer. It was caddish of them." "

Well what can a person expect who has made a career out of lying about the published climate science and what it is telling us?

"The BBC wins battle BBC over climate show"
1/31/11 ~ Press Association
"The BBC has fought off a High Court challenge to a broadcast of a documentary about climate change sceptics.
Lord Monckton had applied to Mr Justice Tugendhat for an injunction stopping the programme being shown until it included his right of reply."
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One of the more disgusting of Monckton’s Memes is his love for insinuating that climate scientists are manipulating evidence in order to rake in tons of cash. Let’s put Monckton’s claims in perspective:
Kill those memes ~ There Was No Decline to Hide & Yes! We Can Follow the Money.
Lord Monckton climate change lecture costs Australian sceptics $100,000

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