Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Got Something to Say... "Hello Policy Maker" reference

Recently, I came across two websites that definitely belong in the library of resources I’m beginning to build up.

Where as I only dream of getting people motivated,
Keya Lea Horiuchi is actually doing something.
She's building a platform & tools for
directly speaking to our leaders...
And To Each Other.

Got something serious to say to the man,
but no connections?

Check it out ~
if you want to participate !

in Keya Lea's own words:
Ever wished you had greater political access and reach?

Together, we can extend our political reach.

Hello Policy helps you to quickly access basic political information as well as voice your political concerns. You’ll also be able to see other people's concerns. It's a place to submit and share political videos with, well, everyone really.

Hello Policy also seeks to engage and stimulate representative democracy by creating a web - based structure that encourages Americans to be creative and ask difficult questions that need to be discussed but may be systemically absent from our media.
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How does U.S. policy compare to other democratic nations?

A filmmaker traveled around the world asking people about their nations' policies and about how they view the United States. After returning, research was carried out to see if what people were saying was true. Interesting differences between the U.S. and all the other developed countries were found.

Shot in ten countries, Considering Democracy weaves together seemingly different topics into an interconnected tapestry. People from around the world act as a mirror for Americans to see a reflection of political power in the United States.

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