Tuesday, April 14, 2009

a poetic parable regarding USA's attitude

In the spirit of NPR’s “Can Poetry save the Earth” here is a poetic parable.


It’s about an old alpha dog named Usap.
The one who scored a juicy bone.

So, Usap was proudly crossing the bridge,
when he noticed another dog gripping a beautiful meaty juicy bone.

Usap’s visceral reaction was:
"wait a minute!" Shouldn’t I have that bone?
I am the alpha here, it’s only proper.

So, Usap got his hackles up and snarled,
only to be met with viscous glares and threatening growls
coming from Other, the other dog.

This went on for a spell,
all the while
self-righteous anger
at the lack of respect being afforded Usap
was heating up like a kettle over a high flame.

With every succeeding growl Usap knew
that he would have to take action
~ if only for the sake of making the world right again.

Usap timed his action carefully,
then, he released a stupendous bark
& open mouthed thrust against Other.

Only to be shocked at watching his own juicy trophy bone
disappear into the depths of the flowing river of time.

Poor Usap, if only he had considered the facts
of the real world around him,
there could have been a different outcome.


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