Sunday, December 14, 2008

Please No Village at Wolf Creek

The following is a letter to the Durango Telegraph, hoping to stir up some people to do a little letter writing.

It's regarding turning Red McCombs development threat into a watershed preserve. printed

For detailed information visit, they are the real hero's who have done epic battle to stave off development of that wonderful resource.
For the record: I am unaffiliated with friendsofwolfcreek, or any other resource I may link to in this blog ;-).


Dear Editor,
Let me share a few reasons why Red McCombs should abandon his dream of a Village at Wolf Creek and return his ill-gotten parcel of Alberta Park to the Rio Grande National Forest. Thereby leaving a legacy proclaiming: here was a man who learned to appreciate the deeper value of his land, a man who had the insight to see its down to earth necessity for future generations ~ along with the generosity to secure that biological treasure that is Alberta Park for those future generations.

> Alberta Park is at 10,000 elevation, it receives some of this country’s biggest snowfalls, it is 200 miles from the nearest large population centers, and thousands from the shrinking money capable of buying into such speculative ventures.

> Economic winds have shifted. Current events are proving that the Reaganomics Faith, upon which the Village at Wolf Creek was conceived, is actually an illusion that hides cruel balloon payment liabilities. The Village, in any form, is simply not viable in the coming economic upheaval.

> Climatic winds are shifting. Water storage and supply issues are going to take on greater urgency in a drier Southwest.

> Alberta Park currently functions as a key component in a vast nearly pristine watershed. A component that serves vital biological, life sustaining functions. Such as holding and filtering water used in countless ways by millions of down stream Rio Grande River stakeholders. It is also a linchpin to wildlife migration. Given the habitat loss this past half century, any remaining parcels we can spare need to be protected - we can’t rebuild them.

> Alberta Park: its hydrologic, biologic and wildlife resource’s are worthy of being seen as National Security Items. (For more background on the value of wetlands visit: )

Today, Red McCombs is back to the starting gate with his VWC development plans. Currently, they remain silent about future strategies - it can be assumed there are discussions about how realistic going ahead is. That means the table is open to suggestions.

Regarding Leavell-McCombs Joint Venture, consider this. These people, rather brochures, assure us they can build a viable village, at ten thousand feet, under some of the nations greatest snowfall, along with all the tremendous infrastructure a running town needs. Yet, try finding them in the Yellow Pages, Texas, Colorado, nothing. Look up the Better Business Bureau, nothing. They can be found on the web, but their website is way out of date {with no contact address!}. LMJV seems to be a virtual company. Nothing wrong in that. But, do you want to trust a virtual company to build and maintain your town?

If you agree the VWC makes no sense, and if it matters to you. Now is one of those rare moments when some grassroots action could actually make a big difference. Quick, before new commitments are made! Write the man himself. A polite, reasoned, plea, or argument explaining why he should create the Billy Red McCombs Watershed Preserve. ) Since LMJV is elusive here are some addresses that trace to Mr. McCombs himself:

McCombs Enterprises
755 E Mulberry Ave #100
San Antonio, TX 78212

Red McCombs Media
6207 Sheridan Avenue, Suite 200
Austin, Texas 78723

Clear Channel
200 East Basse Road
San Antonio, TX 78209

Imagine if Mr. McCombs received lots of letters lobbying him to establish a wetland - biological preserve - bet it would have an impact. Send a copy to each address. A stitch in time may save nine ;-)

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