Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Regarding the Run on Guns

This letter is in response to an article written by a high school intern. The text can be found at http://www.cortezjournal.com/main.asp?SectionID=1&SubSectionID=1&ArticleID=3216

Dear Cortez Journal Editors,
{To begin with, hats off to your intern Emily Ketterer. Cortez High School has a student to be proud of.}

Regarding her excellent article "Election Triggers Gun Sales", it sounds like a hideous Y2K spoof, with a rage filled spin. It’s sad, this 2nd Amendment hysteria is nothing more than a few self-serving, for-profit hate-mongers who have learned how to manipulate the internet and media. Wait you’ll see.

America, relax. We elected a professor. A scholarly nerd, who’s a political genius and a tough guy too. A guy who came up by his bootstraps as much as anyone else in recent memory. Why all the self-righteous rage at his all-American success story? Doesn’t America deserve a smart “self-made” guy representing our country for a change?

Barack Obama is one of those historic individuals, whom providence and a vacuum (National need) created. America tried the down home self-certain good old Bush approach and it has been nothing but loss & heartache for America, and the world. Why not change?

Please, all you gun slinging, angry, if not hateful people - what if you hang on to your guns and give the guy a chance? Hang at ease, watch him for a while, you might be surprised.

Have you been watching how this man has gone about the early stages of his transition phase? OK, so he’s not hiring a lot of Republicans. He is a Democrat. But, besides that, Mr. Obama is giving off indications that he has the potential of becoming a President that most all of us could respect.

That’s if we give him a chance. And why shouldn’t we? Especially, if our true concern is remaining: The United States of America, home of liberty and justice for all.

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