Friday, October 24, 2008

Then there is the climate issue...

Then there’s the climate...

Another issue that has been saturated with misleading claims intent on diverting attention from real world challenges... when what we need is honest information and
an interested public.
Neither side has it figured out for sure.
What’s for sure is that we all need to work on this together,
realizing the goal is something greater than our individual group’s agendas. ~

Instead of relying on media sound bites, learn about the real story behind our changing climate. And, what that means for us ?

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US Global Change Research Program

For access to a wealth of information and many authoritative links go to:

Global Climate Change research explorer site.

For a detailed head to head with naysayer arguments visit the website:

The UK’s government site examining various over used climate naysayer myths:

UN Framework Convention Climate Change:
& http://climatechangeeducation. org/science/

EPA Climate Change Kids Page
For up to date science reporting:

PBS Frontline presented an excellent update to the
multifaceted Global Energy / Climate story, called “HEAT”
on October 21st.
See it on the web, go to:

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