Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thank you Tony Hillerman

Sunday October 26th
Tony Hillerman passes on at the age of 83

Oklahoma farm boy,
WWII GI, in the thick of it,
Friend and keen observer of all the varied tribes around him
(white ones too!),
Family man,
Wonderful storyteller and writer,
Friend to millions (like myself) who had never met him,
Future friend to many more!


NPR's FreshAir
remembered Tony Hillerman Thursday October 30 -

I feel like sharing the email their recollection inspired----------

Fresh Air Thank you for remembering Tony Hillerman.

I've been a resident of the Colorado corner of the greater Four-Corners region since 1979, and discovered Hillerman in the mid eightees. He has stood my test of time in a way no Zane Gray or Louis L'Amour (fun as they are) ever could.

He managed to bring to life a certain essence of America's southwest desert in a human way, others haven’t touch.

I think it was his extraordinary cross between the gritty newspaper man and an extremely insightful and sensitive down home human.

He will be missed, but joyfully remembered.

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