Friday, October 24, 2008

McCain: Don't spread the wealth?

Senator McCain Says:
“No! You should not ‘Spread your Wealth around!’ ”

Mr. McCain, are you telling Americans that hoarding is where it’s at ? . . . Is that it?
Because that’s what it sounds like.
You make it easy to believe Republicans are only interested in creating more mega-millionaires and billionaires.

How does that sort of hoarding help our community?
Isn’t our economy and community about cycling wealth through all the layers of society?

Senator McCain, you highlight one of the mistaken beliefs that go to the heart of recent Republican failures: “What’s mine is mine and *!@$ you and yours!”

Rooted in Reaganomics this faith imagines an Earth that’s a true cornucopia. A fount of limitless resources, just waiting for our plunder. Maximizing profits (at any cost) is the battle cry.

The notion of natural limits was/is treated with dismissive ridicule, in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

To this day, in the midst of a growing global crisis - not one big-shot, be he/she media, politician or business titan acknowledges that when you get down to it -
It’s the Resource Base silly!
No one’s discussing that resource base. Why?

Well, perhaps it’s fear of having to acknowledge that Reaganomics has been viscously abusive & destructive of our resource base and the Biosphere* that sustains it all. *You know, that magnificent biological web that is our life support system.

Do Republicans willfully ignore these facts because they are more important than profits? . . . and Republicans are still unable to consider anything more important than profits?......................
Is that it?

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