Friday, October 10, 2008

Dear Mr. McCombs... an open letter,

Dear Mr. McCombs,
Excuse my forwardness but you are at the point in your career where considerations of your legacy carry ever greater weight. You are also in a unique situation to radically enhance or damage that legacy through your future actions at Alberta Park.

Going ahead with your proposed project would be a grievous mistake with far reaching damage not only to that particular spectacular and precious parcel of watershed land, but also the stability & health of the local communities and even down stream communities.

The Village at Wolf Creek has all the making of a monster white elephant that others will be straddled with. Bulldozing ahead with the VWC project in the face of massive and weighty reasons for its timely abandonment would villainize your legacy. Please stop.

These strong objections don’t come from any animosity toward you - they are rooted in a sober appraisal of the most likely economic scenario of the next decades, combined with a recognition that current indisputable weather & water trends also need to be factored into future decisions.

Please step back from a selfish determination to force a developers dream ~ a dream conceived in the 1980’s when it was believed natural limits could be ignored ~ upon a population that simply doesn’t need the problems your project would inevitably force on them.

The proposed Village at Wolf Creek project is past its viability ! Please find a way to allow your 300 acres of Alberta Park to be returned to the United States Public Land Trust where it rightfully belongs, safe for future generations to enjoy its many economic and esthetic benefits.

Think of it ~ ~ ~

trade profits for respect

Sincerely, Peter Miesler

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