Friday, October 24, 2008


I’m continually amazed by the bizarre right-wing ability to proclaim their conviction in:

“The Right to Life” and “The Sanctity of Life”...

for an unborn being, then in the same breath support a war that has inflicted untold “9-11’s” upon another distant, yet innocent, citizenry.

Right-wingers will exclaim: but that’s self-defense!

Why not ask:
What about the troubled mother who must make an agonized decision based on self-defense for herself and her existing family?

How can you be so oblivious of the all around tragic ordeal abortion is for those involved –

When will you grant women their own right to
self-defense ~ dignity ~ empathy ?

*possibly the most thoughtful piece written on the topic - Rachel Richardson Smith’s essay: “Abortion, Right and Wrong”

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