Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Time for a silly music break

This morning I stumbled onto a cute video I feel like sharing, just for the heck of it.  Thank you Matthew Halstead and whoever the kids (well back in 2011) were who created the art work and made this project.  Oh, and of course, thanks to Simon and Garfunkel for making the song.   ; - )

Uploaded on Aug 2, 2011
Song illustrated by EFL class
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doctor rob said...

You had me with your Silly Music break. I feel like the only news I can hear is from the weather report. Then you followed up with the Eagles and that did it for me and this took place before I read your thoughts on Trump, the country, and what us citizens need to do now! Now and probably for the rest of our lives - you and me anyway.

I was reading the Telegraph today, your letter to the editor and came upon your call which I believe we all need to hear and respond to as our minds and hearts demand of us. I did go to Citizens Challenge Tools but being a medicare guy myself I had some concern about what exactly I was downloading? I would like to help. I need to help. I've got way too much anger in me and it's leaking all over like my old bladder. Clearly, according to those near me who can see me better than I see me - tell me. I need a forum a way a group to use this anger in productive and wholesome ways.

I know for sure it is up to us to become informed, awake, aware and actively involved in our country or we will watch it go down the tubes in our life time. Please contact me - consider me a Telegraph recruit.

citizenschallenge said...

doctor rob, thanks for the kind words.