Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hide The Decline ~ an examination by Greenman3610

If you are curious about the details behind “Mann's Nature trick to hide the decline” meme and its denialists presentation - check out this
Climate Denial Crock of the Week video:
Unwinding “Hide the Decline”
Fresh out of the oven.
April 28, 2011

Here are some quick reference notes:
1:50 ~ the quote itself...
. . . lot’s of examples of the charge being repeated
2:40 ~ looking at the quote in more detail
3:15 ~ Mann, the man, the graph
3:40 ~ Mann’s data stopped at 1980
4:00 ~ his trick was to graft the instrument record from 1980 onward onto his proxy record of pre-1980.
4:10 ~ he Clearly Labeled each element on the graph!
4:25 ~ Incidentally, the original data behind this graph was openly available
“Table 1. 12 Proxy Indicators Available Back to AD 1000. Description (Series - MBH98 for details regarding data and reference), location (“LOC”-region or lat/lon coordinates, start year (“y0”) AD, and type (“TYPE”) of series is indicated. These data (and the NH series discussed in the text) are available over the internet through the World Data Center-A Paleoclimatology (”

5:00 ~ the glossy informational “WMO Statement on the Status of the Global Climate in 1999”
5:30 ~ on to: “... and from 1961 for Keith’s to hide the decline.”
5:40 ~ the thorny details of Keith Briffa data...
6:40 ~ graph of the “divergence problem”
7:00 ~ cross referencing with various temperature proxies
7:30 ~ the infamous Mann98 IPCC “hockey stick” graph in person
7:55 ~ again, clear references given for each element on the graph
{no hiding anything!}

8:00 ~ review of exonerating investigation and reviews, official and news media
8:20 ~ UK House of Commons - Science and Technology Committee:
“... insofar as we have been able to consider accusations of dishonesty... we consider that there is no case to answer.”

8:30 ~ the journals . . . “no scientific conspiracy”; the scientific societies . . . “the science is sound”
9:00 ~ And then came Dr. Richard Muller . . .
10:00 ~ Muller quoting the email: “Let’s use Mike’s trick to hide the decline” {but that’s not the real quote is it?}
10:50 ~ Muller: “What they say was: “how can we hide the decline”.”
11:33 ~ Muller: “so some of the people who read these papers asked to see the data, they refused to send it to them, the original raw data”
11:45 ~ but the study Muller is referring to had a clear note regarding the data, see 4:45
12:15 ~ Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature...
14:15 ~ Muller’s “shocking” preliminary Congressional testimony
16:30 ~ the pack turns on Muller

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