Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Importance of Safe Source Waters vs. VWC

Here is another essay/letter to the editor regarding the short sighted foolishness of wanting to tear up Albert Park,
on the lee side of Wolf Creek Pass (the Great Divide) Colorado.
for a speculative luxury vacation village in these serious times.


Dear Durango Herald Editor,
(4-9-9)Thursday’s article by AP’s S.M.Holmes: “Wetlands face threats, but have backers” is worth cutting out and rereading. It quotes an aquatic habitat specialist from New Mexico, Jill Wick: “...Wetlands also recharge groundwater and act as nature’s filter, removing such pollutants as sediment, pesticides heavy metals, even disease-causing bacteria....”

Wick goes on: “A healthy and functioning watershed will increase water quality, reduce the threat of flooding, increase the amount of available water, provide fish and wildlife habitat... increase the quality of living...”

For everyone that appreciates our biosphere these are self evident truths. Unfortunately, for a whole bunch of others, especially our politically right wing friends, they still don’t see it. They cling to the Reaganomics mindset. This in the face of overwhelming evidence of its profoundly destructive effect upon this shrinking planet, and its life supporting biosphere.

For instance, just on the other side of Wolf Creek Pass we have an epic drama of a steadfastly Reaganomics corporate entity clashing with today’s real world need for secure, clean, and abundant water.

The dream of a luxury vacation Village (with all its infrastructure) destroying the pristine Alberta Park is alive and well. Even though Alberta Park is an integral part of the Rio Grande River’s “source-waters” and LMJC’s ‘Plan A’ being soundly killed and buried last year. The Leavell-McCombs Joint Venture have brushed themselves off and are promising a new proposal in short order. I don’t have space for details. For more info visit friendsofwolfcreek.org/ or http://citizenschallenge.blogspot.com.

Seems to me today’s challenge is how to transition from a resource gobbling society to a sustainability focused community. Nothing will be easy about it, but reality won’t be leaving us and our kids any other choice. Chasing dreams of mega consumption belongs on the trash heap of history. Pipedreams like the one pushing the “Village at Wolf Creek” need to be countered with a scientific and rational appreciation for why we need to just leave it alone. Can you help?

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