Friday, October 10, 2008

Wolf Creek Access EIS

{In many ways the NFS is stuck in the middle. It should be remembered that back in 1986 the RioGrandeNationalForest denied Red McCombs landswap proposition. Foresters who know that parcel of land, know that bulldozing a vacation community into the middle that mountainside and watershed is a lousy idea from A to Z. But, the matter has been deftly taken out of their hands.}

The people that really need to be convinced are the Mineral County Commissioners. In any event, here's what I had written as of 10-9-8.


Wolf Creek Access EIS ‘Content Analysis Group’: please consider the serious scientific & economic evidence that speaks against this project.
It’s about more than a road !
Why has the real world value of keeping the fens & wetlands of the greater Alberta Park area cohesive & pristine been ignored?

The fens is a delicate product that took centuries to get to its current condition.
It has a complex structure and population that simply can not be reconstituted.

The foundations for roads and parking lots and buildings will dig deep into the fens intricate structure, destroying its integrity.

During the construction phase and later occupation, despite assurances from the developers, contaminates will find there way into the ground water flow.

What about the major wildlife corridors that travel directly through that land and have done so for ages. Plopping a village in the middle of their domain is going to further harm their continued viability.

Consider the ever spreading wilderness-urban interface. Free open corridors for wildlife are becoming ever rarer.
Are a bunch of luxury homes another notch deeper into their habitat justifiable by any but the greediest of standards?

Snowfall storage and future water needs. Considering that Wolf Creek Pass gets some of the greatest snow falls in the nation, and is part of the Rio Grande River watershed ---> shouldn’t we factor in those economic benefits? Decision makers please do not ignore these facts!

Economics, the world economy is undergoing a major upheaval, one that should leave no doubt that the future is going to be a leaner place. The time has arrived for reevaluating priorities and rethinking the importance of protecting biological resources.

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