Saturday, October 25, 2008

Why start this blog?

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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Why start this blog?


Because I'm disappointed
both in our establishment and in the public's docile acquiescence
to the steady flow of officialdom's
misinformation, destructive actions and unnecessary failures.

I'm heartbroken by
our governmental and corporate leaders
steadfast refusal to honestly examine
the undeniable challenges our society is facing.
Simply because fulfilling greed comes first.

The media is especially maddening
because they seem dedicated to broadcasting
delusion & misleading sensationalism
intent on distraction
rather than supporting
a substantive learning process.


I'm also a believer in our Founding Father's brand of Free Speech.
A Free Speech that wasn't about talking, so much as dialoging.

This form of speech requires an attuned receiver.
The listeners suspend judgment
long enough
to absorb what is actually being said
before returning to evaluation mode & judgment calls.

The benefit is that it allows us to better understand
why we should disagree -
or, it might open up
unexpected knowledge & potentials.

In dialogue once a speaker finishes, he, she reverts back to listening
and thinking.
It's an expression of
respect & acknowledging our mutual humanity...
a good thing to do.


I know I don't have any answers
but I also know I have something worthwhile
to inject into the greater dialogue

please read on.......

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